Monday, November 3, 2008

october in hindsight

i've been doing a lot of looking back over the month of october. this time last year B & I were getting better after a few months of unimaginable bad. it's been a year since Uncle R died & that still hurts...too.

i could drive myself completely mad (not that it would be a long drive, but please try & stay focused here!) trying to figure out what happened with B & I. where we went wrong, what happened, how we fixed, but i've learned it's just best for me to let it go, let it rest, it is the past. if i bring it up, i make part of the present & i do not want that.

when i think of my uncle, i think of holidays at nana's when i was a kid. i always thought my Uncle R was so handsome. he would dance with me in my nana's little kitchen with everyone around us.
i also think of the time my mom, B & I went to visit him. he took us to an awesome fish house, seriously authentic mexican style, yummy food! then, in his part of LA, the carts came by, something we had never witnessed.
yup, guys walking the streets with carts of different delicacies...if you hadn't noticed we are all about food. one cart had steamed corned, which normally one wouldn't think THAT impressive, but it's oh so different when you get from a guy off the street! they put butter, mayo (yes, don't question it!), salt, pepper & hot sauce & it was SO good.
then the sundae cart came by & yes, of course we had to participate in that too, because i told you we're all pigs, keep up!

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