Friday, November 14, 2008

called JC

i wasn't sure what kind of reception i would get, but i called him.
i could hear his smile, that was good.

we played catch up on spouse's & kids; his wife is a teacher now, she used to sub back in the day, his kids - 1 in college & 1 in hs, i was expecting 1 in hs & 1 in jr high (time really does fly). then he told me about his new job & how bad things were at the soils co. i only know about 5 people in that office now, everyone else has either left or been laid off.

he also told me he had been contacted by another office-mate (DD) who had left a few years prior to me, hopefully we can get an e-mail string together & be in contact again.

i'm glad i made the call.

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