Tuesday, November 11, 2008

men's bathroom, round 2

in my haste i accidently left out one of the highlights from the mc ball.

yeah, walked into the men's room - AGAIN. of course it was accidental & although it wasn't as interesting as last year's episode, it carries it's own worth. i am in my dress & all princess-like but evidently that whole trailer park thing follows me wherever i go, dammit.

this year i didn't have Z to blame, i mean to use as an excuse, whatever.
anyways, yes, so i go to the bathroom, it's the same place the ball has been for the previous 2 years & i know where the bathroom is. i walk in & don't even notice the urinals on the wall, walk right past them, get all the way to the back of the room to the only stall (thinking, hmmm, isn't that weird that there's only 1 stall? i distinctly remember 2 stalls & isn't it strange that the lady's room is empty? that NEVER happens! how lucky i am!)

then i notice the seat up....

um, whaaaat????? (lost & confusion swirling through my head)

then i look over & notice the line of urinals that i completely ignored
(shit, shit, shit, no i didn't do it AGAIN!!!!! yes, i did, in a fricken princessy gown at that, nice!)

& now in a completely matrix-like delusion the door to exit the men's room is like 100 feet away (i guess i had too many jello shots after all).

thankfully at no point in time was a man in the bathroom & i didn't notice if anyone saw the princess walk out of the men's room. i did go confess to C afterwards & told her i would need her accompaniment to future bathroom visits as this never happened in the past. i don't care that you're pregnant & it's hard for you to get up out of your chair, i KNOW you have to pee.

in other humbling news: during the cake cutting ceremony part of the ball the first piece of cake is shared by the oldest & youngest marine...the youngest was born in 1989 & that was just plain mean! (B & I graduated in '89)


  1. once is an accident..but twice? now come on what were you REALLY doing in there.

    i thought for a second you were going to say B was the oldest marine there. lol now THAT would have been just mean!

  2. it's an annual event, whether i like it or not; kinda like the self inflicted wound thing i tend to do once a year.


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