Sunday, November 13, 2005

bear couple figurine 11/13/05

so I have a bear couple figurine that B sent me from Japan. The boy is wearing a military uniform & the girl is wearing a wedding dress. Z would say the boy was Poppa & the girl was me in my jammies - funny kid.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Ghetto tricycle 11/10/05

the f'ing dog (no, that's not her name, but if she didn't do this kindof stuff i wouldn't call her that) anyways, the f'ing dog chewed off one of the rubber handlebars from Z's tricycle & he had a fit; one handlebar is completely missing & the other is kinda chewed up. Once I got Z to calm down, we went for a walk & took his tricycle; this was his first trip out of the backyard on the trike, so it was a milestone. We went around the block 1.5x before he decided he was tired.

I later told Dad about our adventure on Z's ghetto tricycle; he said it wasn't ghetto, we just fit in with where we live now.