Thursday, May 29, 2008

alone time

the real birthday day but we were all exhausted from the day before. i think B & Z had leftover birthday cake for breakfast. then we headed down to the beach.

B packed sandwiches & munchies for me so we could stay down there awhile. the sand castle Z & the Z boys made on Tues was gone, so we decided to build a new one. B brought rocks over to build a retaining wall, Z & I built a moat & i made castles & in the process broke Z's bucket - oops! later when he noticed it was broken & i confessed he said he was going to tell Grammie on me for breaking his bucket.

heading back up the stairs Z said he "dropped-ed" something so i corrected him & said "dropped" & he said yeah, he knew that was the right way to say it, it was just that he got "confused-ed".

it was a nice quiet day. oh, Z did bring up that we didn't have a present for him. the whole week at the beach, trip to disneyland, stuff we bought at disneyland, yeah, all that doesn't count. so i guess we have to buy him something at walmart.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

annual disneyland trip

although last year's birthday disneyland trip started out rough, we decided to make it an annual affair...along with the week stay at the beach.

Wed was the day we headed north. we got to the park by 9:30, we started off with adventureland & had a blast. Z didn't like the indiana jones ride though, all the bouncing around was too much for him. but he loved the jungle safari, pirates & the haunted house. he doesn't even seem to get scared.

then we took him on the train type rollercoaster, which he loved last year & rode a few times. but this year he decided he wanted to ride with B the first round...which was a mistake.

they sat in the seat in front of me & as we're being swung from side to side B has his hands up in the air, so i hollered at B "you need to hold him!" when we got off the rollercoaster Z wasn't too sure if he liked it or not but we convinced him to try it again this time sitting with me. i hold the bar with one hand & hold him with the other. to me the ride isn't the scary part, it's the way my body flies around uncontrollably. Z liked the ride better once he wasn't worried about flying out of his seat.

we had lunch at the blue bayou again. it was nice last year to get some shade & have a good meal not just munchies. good this time too.

we went on the matterhorn a few times, Z drove a car & then we went on the nemo submarine (it was ok, not worth a 2nd 45 min wait though). shortly thereafter OC-D & R showed up. we sat through the tiki room festivities (where OC-D & Z kept saying a bird was going to poop on each other), went on star tours & the toy story ride with them & before we knew it the park was already closing. we did a little shopping, Z had to get a shirt, a toy & a candy for the road. B was looking for a coffee cup he found last year but unfortunately wasn't able to locate this time.

we left the park a little after 10pm, all completely exhausted, but Z was a champ! no meltdowns! ok, he cried just a tad after the ij ride, but that was it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

get together & birthday

we all had a great time at the beach, coming & going as we pleased.

the weather ended up being great the whole time. i was worried as last year it was cold & the forecast had predicted rain, so i was concerned we wouldn't even be able to go outside, but fortunately it was perfect.
we hung out at the beach, checked out the tidepools & bbq'ed for dinner.

Mom came up on Mon to celebrate Z's birthday & brought a cake. VZ & M decided to do things up a bit & unbeknownst to me ended up being quite an affair, definitely memorabile for my big boy. we were down at the beach while they set up, we returned to have a late lunch & went over to the Z cabin. The girls had prepped it with streamers & balloons & surprised Z as he walked in the door. we brought the presents that had been mailed to us, so it was a great birthday party!

on Tues everyone had to return back to their regular lives but we took the week off (& snuck Z out of school - i equate it to days off to improve his mental health (& mine!))

Friday, May 23, 2008

on the way to the beach

this was my first real work day as the person who trains me was she actually walked me through some work. looks pretty easy, but it was just a first impression, i'm sure they're not going to scare me right away.

we were trying to get out town early so B brought me lunch & we ate at my desk because it was raining out (love it!). i had the blinds & door open so we could watch & smell the rain as we ate.

got out of work at 2, came home, packed up, left the house a complete disaster but were on our way before 5pm. on our way to the grocery store that is...
the drive down was easy, considering it was friday before a holiday weekend, very little traffic. we stopped off in mission viejo somewhere (exit Alicia) & found a nice mercado that carried great pollo asado that B bbq'ed for dinner.

the redheaded family of Z showed up shortly there after & M&C arrived within minutes of them. we were set for our holiday weekend get together at the beach.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

a Z song

Z was in the tub a few minutes ago & i told him he needed to wash up, then call me when he was ready for me to wash his hair. he didn't call though so i went to check on him.

i asked if he was ready & he said yes, that he was even singing a song to call me.
i told him i didn't hear the song & would he please repeat it.

he obliged & this is how it goes:
momma i know you like the booty, i know you want the booty momma-son

1st day

i made it before 7 - yeah!

had to go over all the security & h/r fun stuff. then they sent me on my way to the badging office & just as i was about to walk in i realize that oh yeah, my car registration is expired!

so i call B & he says to come get the registration from the truck, not like they're going to look out in the parking lot right?

i'm heading out of the parking lot to go meet him at work when i realize - duh, i can't get to his work, i don't have a badge, that's why i'm at the badging office. (as a military wife i can get on base, but i can't get to where he works). so i call him back & tell him i'm going to have try w/the VW registration.

luckily, i got a newbie & he was all flustered with my paperwork, then taking my pic, that he totally did not even remember to ask for id, registration or ins!

then i drive out to where i'm going to work. B met me out there, that was sweet. it's close to where he works. i walked around & met everyone, then sat down & practiced on some reports. my access is totally limited so i can't really do anything yet & the person who's training me doesn't work Tu/Th because she goes to school those days. my boss did have me go work on his computer though, so i could do some online mandatory training stuff.

overall it was a good day, slow, but i'm exhausted. the stress of everything has really taken its' toll, i can't wait for the beach even if that's causing me some stress too (having to get all packed up & such). oh well, i know it will be good!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

like an alarm

here's how last night went:

B & Z were already here, B was on the computer, Z was asleep on the couch, i came home & had a snack.

after Z got up he wanted to play a game on the computer, so we did that while B watched tv.

then Z took his bath, ate dinner & got ready for bed. i've started a new thing lately, before i start reading to him i like to ask him what was the best part of his day or what was his favorite thing that happened.
i think it's important for him to realize there's always something good about every day & not only that but i'm really interested to hear his answer.
last night's was "writing sentences in Ms. W's class" something he used to totally hate doing. then i read a little to him & the entire time B was playing the game Z found on the computer.

so now that Z is taken care of & B is occupied i finally have a minute to myself. i brush & floss, wash my face, then look at myself in the mirror. yeah, eyebrows are looking rough but what's worse, the know i totally hate saying that, but yah, it's there & there is no fricken denying it. any 14 year old boy would be proud of it, grooming it, counting the hairs.

so what's a moustach-y girl to do? i've tried waxing & it doesn't work for me. my skin darkens so i either have a hairy moustache or a darken skin moustache. OC-D has warned me not to bleach, that all that happens is the light is reflected so that's bad. with the amount of hair i have & the amount of sun we get here, i could probably blind someone if i chose that route. so i'm stuck with dipilatories that burn my skin & remove some hair, but that's the best i can do.

so i put the stuff on & within 30 seconds B comes walking around the corner...& yeah, i'm pissed.
why? why? why? does he have to be coming around the corner now that i got white, stinky hair remover stuff on my moustauche?
just leave me & moustache alone ok!

last day

last Thursday one of my co-workers organized an after work outing for drinks. it was nice to associate with everyone on a personal level. boss was out of town which made it even better.

today was the real last day we did a group lunch. boss did his presentation thing, i got a card, a photo collage of the group that's really cool & even better a pet rock. not 70's rock, one with a petroglyph on it. i don't know if it's a real one or a manufactured one, but cool none the less.
as B said, much better than the "that was easy" button that i got for Christmas.

tomorrow's the big day, i have to look all spiffy & be coherent at 7:00am, that's a tall order for me to fill. they better have some really good coffee to help with that. snacks would be good pancakes & bacon...
that wouldn't be too much to ask for would it?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

short timing

tomorrow's the last day.
yesterday i spent the whole day training new hire.

i have work i need today (work that new hire won't be trained on), but instead i'm going through old e-mails & reading blogs, anything to not do the last bit of work that i really do need to do.

as V just said "what are they going to do - fire you?"

what am i going to do when i have to really work at new job? that's going to be a tough transition, but better now that later.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

change is in the air

so things are weird, ok i'm feeling weird
i have 3 days left of old job, i'm good with leaving, the time has definitely come, but i am anxious about new job. they said no one comes in knowing the job, everyone has to be trained & that's why they chose me, i'm trainable. my resume showed that i went to college while i worked & that's what made me stand out.

we head to the beach in a few days, although i'm totally excited to go, it's to celebrate Z's 6th birthday (WOW!), i can not believe how quickly they grow up. it really does not seem that long ago that he was just a little bitty thing completely dependent on me. or that i was enormously pregnant that long ago, but it's true.
Z only has a few weeks left of kindergarten, then it's official, babyhood is so over, elementary school, 1st grade.

ok, good thoughts for the week, it's going to be an emotional one.

making breakfast

another role reversal situation...
earlier in the week Z made toast for me in the morning before i left to work & i asked him if he thought it was funny that i used to make him breakfast & now he was making me breakfast, he just smiled.

this morning B told him it was his turn to make the family breakfast, so Z made waffles. he was so cute, i wasn't hungry so he was making breakfast for himself & B & he shouts from the kitchen "2 waffles coming up", like he's a short order cook.

then he asks B what he wants on his waffles & he gets the butter & syrup ready. "do you want them cut in sticks?" is the next question, because that's how he likes to eat them, but B didn't want them cut. but that was it, he was cute!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

thrown out

the other night when i was getting Z ready for bed, i asked him to give me his legs because i needed to put lotion on them after his bath & well, he did this karate/ninja sound & was flipping his legs around & lost his balance & somehow managed to throw himself out of the bed. not only did he fall down but he also ran into his dresser on the way out of the bed.

so i scrambled across the bed to look over at him on the floor & ask "are you ok?" which even if he was, he knew it was an opportunity, so he cries & says "no"
then he climbs back up on the bed & i'm trying to comfort him, but really, i'm trying even harder to not laugh, so i'm breathing heavily. then B looks over at me & sees what a horrible job i'm doing of not laughing so he bursts out laughing.

Z tells him "stop laughing Daddy it's not funny" & i think i'm off the hook, but i'm wrong & he says "you too Mommy". so beings i'm doing such a crappy job of not laughing & i'm caught i go ahead & burst out laughing & i explain that i'm laughing because he threw himself out of bed, didn't he mean for that to be funny?

he said no, so i told him for not trying to be funny, he did a really good job.

Z's haircut

this is a late post, i knew i wanted to make it but work stuff has clouded my mind...
anyways so Sat am i take Z to get his haircut & the lady tells me the craziest thing. ok, i guess for being in an itsy bitsy town, it ain't so crazy, but it is dang funny.

her daughter is Katey, Katey from daycare with pink hair, yes, THE Katey that Z was IN LOVE with at daycare, the Katey that he would meet on the playground & even the providers thought their relationship was so darling because they would wait for each other & walk around, it was special.

so the last time we were in there getting Z's haircut, K was there but she didn't say anything at the time, but apparently right after we left there was a "Mom do you KNOW WHO THAT WAS?" mom said it sounded like it must have been a rock star or the president or something but alas it was just the Z.

i didn't know all this so i call, ask if she's busy, can we come by & she's all sure, perfectly aware of who the Z is now. when we get there she tells me to let the kids play so she can let me know what's up. then we ask Z if he remembers K from school & he says yeah, plays it all cool though (K's a year younger, so she's still at the daycare). mom cut his hair (she really does a great job too!), then she gave him a faux-hawk & painted it green! then the kids played some more.

when we were driving home i asked Z how come he didn't say anything before about K & he said "he didn't remember" - just like a man! here she was still totally in love with him still & he has SO moved on. but then at home B was egging him on & told him he should call her & invite her to the movies! So Z said the next time he gets his hair cut he wants to take her out....geez, kindergarten & we're already dating!

Friday, May 16, 2008

taking care of business

a few months ago i received the notice that my car tags were due. about a month later i went & had the smog check done. then i asked B, ok this is ready to go, should i go to the dmv & take care of this or do you want to go? (he usually goes to do the military paperwork) he said he needed to go to do some other stuff & that he would take care of it.

stupid me, i completely misconstrued that whole "he would take care of it" into "he would take care of it".

this morning he tells me "why didn't you remind me?"
"um, i told you when it was ready to go, if i said anything more i would have been nagging you". i do admit, i totally forgot about it & it is my car, but he did say "he would take care of it". i left the paperwork on the table, which he conveniently filed in a pile somewhere in the house.

so although the smog check was done about a month ago & we have the $, my tags are late now.

update: i went to the dmv that afternoon, turns out i can't take care of it. B needs to go in & show his military id.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

wanna play cards?

i happy to say that training has been going well. new hire is definitely better than i anticipated & boss is ok.

talked with co-worker, he said boss is being really difficult with everyone else though, stressing out over me leaving. sorry to hear, but i did warn boss "i could adjust my training as necessary". it was actually stated in reference to new hire because 1st meeting did not go well at all. but glad to know boss has realized his behavior could also influence my training methods.

yes, i'm a proud carrier of the "bitch" card & i will use it whenever necessary, otherwise i keep it in my back pocket so it's always within reach.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

not the only chick in the house

the whole trip to LA was my thing, new work clothes & Mother's day right? Not that i didn't expect B & Z to refrain from shopping, but just gotta make sure we're all clear - MY trip.

i left B & Z in the shoe dept so i could go get undergarments. Z protested, but after what happened at Mervyn's he's no longer allowed in that dept with me. (i'll have to check if i've notated that incident, if not it deserves it's own post)
picking out undergarments takes me a really long time & i don't even find it enjoyable. for underwear i want cute/sexy & comfortable but that's a REAL hard find in underwear, it's either strings that get stuck in places it doesn't have any business in or cotton grandma drawers.

then for bras i've succumbed to the dreaded padded bra. not that i don't need it, i could use the extra padding, but i've always considered it false advertising. over the past few years the options of no padding have shrunken dramatically, so i was forced to try one. i had to go thru the entire dept to find the least padded bra & i'm ok with that. so now everytime i need new bras i have to search for non-floatation device would think they would have their own section.

anyways, so ya, all that's going on & i'm still trying to find underwear when B & Z walk up. then B tells me he just bought 3 pairs of one store. the entire trip, 2 malls, countless store, i only found one pair of work shoes. oh, i had to buy a pair of flip flops because i was getting blisters from the shoes i was wearing (but those don't count).

training - 2nd session

she DID show up....M had me worried for a minute there!

Iron Man

i've been meaning to make a post about this since last week, but life got in the way. this morning M & I were discussing related topic which tells me i must post, so here goes....

last week B calls me to see if i can leave work early to go to the movies w/him & Z. i'm busy, so i can't but ask what are they going to go see? Iron Man, i wasn't interested on 2 levels, partially because the movie is what it is...i went to see transformers, what more do you want from me?

but mainly i couldn't go see the movie because i can't watch Robert Downey Jr. it's not that i don't like him, because i do, it's that, well, remember less than zero? i was scarred by it. the scene where he's so hooked on drugs that he services his (male) dealer to get a hit & he can barely stand & he's all f'd up & stuff is dripping out of his mouth? part played all to well, so whenever i see him, that image is the back of my head.

the boys went & saw the movie, they liked it. i was happy to have missed it. however i did get Z's 2 hour summary of the movie (that was probably just as painful), but he was really happy & excited so it was easy to somewhat listen to him tell me over & over about it. the next day after school i got to hear it all over again, must have been a great movie!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

training - 1st session

wasn't bad. she didn't fill out her h/r paperwork yet. but we went over a few things, introduced her to the office, went over timesheets, expense reports & a little Quicken. may have scared her a bit considering it was only 2 hours, but gotta work fast, limited time.

e-mail dream

last night i had a dream that i went into boss's office for something & i saw in his e-mail inbox that he was getting copies of EVERY SINGLE e-mail i sent out!!!!
i was freaking out looking at the subjects titles of the e-mails & wondering what the heck happened because i knew i hadn't purposely cc'd him. then i realized somehow or another he had the server setup to forward him copies of my e-mails so he knew everything i said in there!!!!
the horror of him know the truth of my feelings - BAD, BAD, BAD!

thank goodness that was just a dream!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

so this was the best Mother's Day i've ever far at least.
on fri when we picked up Z from his buddy's house, he gave me a handprint he had made in class for MD. on back, he wrote his name with a backwards Z.

Sat after the game we headed down to LA, i requested smog for MD, an usual gift yes, but a good one for me. i even drove. i hate the 395, but once i hit the 15 all is good. we did some shopping, i needed new clothes for the new job. i hadn't put much thought into it until recently & realized a lot of my clothing is from before Z, so it's at least 6 years old!

we attempted to go out for a nice dinner, but beings it was Sat before MD, was almost an impossible task w/out reservations. we ended up going to Joe's Crab Shack. i didn't order crab because i didn't want to deal w/the mess; but Z did, so i had to shell his crab for him beings B just started eating...

when we were done with dinner it was already 9pm so we decided to just get a room & stay the night. we had packed a light bag just in case, so it worked out well. we stayed at the same hotel i stayed at when i was there for U.Ralph's funeral. can't believe it's already been over 6 months.
the hotel was nice & they provide breakfast in the morning - yeh, not only did i not have to cook, i didn't have to clean - BONUS!

then we went to ikea but didn't get much. then we headed to another mall so i could get a few more items. i don't like shopping much these days, it's really difficult to find something i like, that fits, that isn't horribly expensive. now i understand why so many people around here think the city is so expense, when you only go occasionally, it's practically impossible to find the stuff you want on sale & you're so desperate you just buy what you can.
i didn't find any pants, i did get about 6 shirts, a few undergarments & 1 pair of shoes (heels, that i will have to learn to walk in....w/out falling that is!).

before we left the city we took Z to a little amusement park right off the freeway that he always asks to go to (at least when he's awake that is). he enjoyed himself. he went on a couple of big rides, but said he didn't like them. then we drove home. Z slept most of the way & when he got home he asked how did we get home so fast because he didn't believe me that he slept most of the way.

B & Z just headed out to the store because although we spent $25 on MD cards last week, B forgot to pick one out from Z to me & i told him i wanted one so they had to go buy one. Z just gave me my card & a whoopi cushion for MD, nice huh? B gave me his card, it was really sweet, then he also gave me a ball of soft mozzarella cheese & a cream cheese coffee cake!

milk mass

when we got home from LA & we were going around trying to get the house picked up to start the week, i noticed B had left a cup on the coffee table. i don't know if it was from Sat morning or Fri night, but i know it was B's because it was milk & i hadn't given any to Z lately. so anyways i made a comment as i walked the cup to the kitchen sink about how i was glad the house didn't smell because of the milk that had been left out.

then when i got to the kitchen i emptied the cup into the sink & the milk was no longer liquid! so i'm yelling "OMG, that's so disgusting" & although i hear B & Z's voices in the background, i can't comprehend their words because i'm so overwhelmed by the milk mass, it was the consistency of yogurt. i turned on the water immediately afraid the scent would reach my nose, thankfully i never got a whiff of it.

B said he was making sour cream for thanks!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

last soccer game

so Sat was Z's last soccer game of the season. i think he did well considering the anti-athletic genes he inherited from B & I. sure, he ignored the coach a lot, played & rolled in the grass, kicked the ball in the wrong direction & chatted with buddies from the other team...but it was his first season, his first time being part of team.

i think he did best when he played goalie. he dove (yeah, dove) after the ball 2x. this last game, he played defense & he kicked the ball 3 or 4 times.
i don't know if he'll want to play again next season, but he said he wants to try basketball next.

Friday, May 9, 2008


that's me screaming
he hired her!!!!

i REALLY, REALLY hope she a shred of decency (although one would never guess from our initial meeting) so my last 8 days here aren't just miserable.....

could spit nails

boss is interviewing for my replacement, so far he's seen 2 candidates.

the first, seemed ok but he said she seemed too young (the boys later told me boss said she was fat & talked like she was retarded)

(self note, how happy will i be to no longer work for someone who judges people like that? = very)

the 2nd candidate was here yesterday afternoon. she wasn't friendly to me at all, actually she ignored me. which says a lot to me, i think you should be nice to everyone, especially when interviewing. anyways after the interview boss said he liked her, wants her to come in a few hours each day so i can train her. however, girlfriend doesn't even know word or excel, so why is boss even considering her? because he knows her family!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


2 weeks ago we went to a book sale.

i got Z all worked up about going but unfortunately they didn't have any kids books, but we did get one thing out of it...

as we were leaving a woman said she worked for the paper so she asked if she could photograph the boy, we obliged. i assumed she probably took a few other kids pic's & the chances of Z's being chosen were minimal (being Z's & my kin & all).

but alas, our boy's famous, he's in print, came out in last week's paper.
he's pretty impressed with himself.


didn't realize it until i typed it...ocd, heehee, that's actually for Orange County D. spoke to her the other day, didn't realize how long it had been since we had spoken last until i heard her voice. i miss her. miss talking to her every single day; so it started out as work, but always ending in laughter, lots of laughter, sometimes tears from so much laughter.
i love that girl like a sister.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

doing ok

talking with boss didn't go so well yesterday. we were both stoic.

later in the day i spoke with a co-worker & he said boss was freaking out although he didn't budge when i spoke to him. co-worker had an e-mail titled "shot in the back", nice huh? it said something about how i expected him to beg for me to stay...nope that wasn't it at all. i didn't want to do the negotiation dance.

there was no point. i don't want to stay here. i don't like the work. i don't like anything about this place EXCEPT (& not in ANY particular order):
co-workers can be fun
PLENTY of surfing time
PLENTY of time to chit chat w/Maya
3 minute (yes, minutes) commute, & as stated in previous post
get to spend mornings with the family.

i thought today was going to be awful after the way things went yesterday, but it wasn't so bad after all. boss is already looking for someone new. my last day will be the 21st, 1st day will be the much for any downtime.

change is in the air

Monday, May 5, 2008


i thought i knew bittersweet...being a military wife & all.

you learn to accept those loving welcome homes, knowing full well it's only a matter of time before they are off again....
you learn that uprooting your family & leaving everything & everyone you know to be so you can be together, is better than the alternative...

today's lesson in bittersweet = the thrill of a new job, new challenges, new work, new people, new environment, better pay juxtaposed against one big negative, having to leave for work so early that i no longer get my mornings with my family. no more "time to wake up the baby" songs, no morning snuggles, no helping getting dressed or brushing teeth.

i will have to be at work before Z even wakes up.

Friday, May 2, 2008

role reversal

today was B's day, his day to set priorities, his day to NOT let me sit down.

usually i'm the one going around "lets do this, let's do that, what should we do next?" but today i wanted to sit & everytime i sat for more than 3 minutes, B was planning our next move.

yes, weather was nice (a bonus) and little one was at school (a gift from God), so he wanted to tie up all the loose ends around the house while i wanted to veg - guess who won?

it was weird...i told him to cut it out

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dear Chris

Dear Chris, at helicopter place, i am SO rolling in your humble pie - you ASS!

fricken dog

ugh, forgot to make a post about fricken dog.....
2 weeks ago went bought some veggie plants but it was so dang windy (shhhh! don't say it loudly!) we didn't get around to planting them until this past weekend.
we have 2 garden beds, but we only bought a few plants so i put them all in 1. late this sunday afternoon i got everything in the ground & warned doggie to stay away from my goodies.

apparently in dog speak that = tear this shit up, but i didn't know that.

on monday when i went home for lunch i let her in for the afternoon. when i came home at the end of the day B asked "did you look at your garden? did you see what she did?"

words i did not want to hear. yup, she got in there, dug holes here & there, tore up a few plants, but the empty garden bed just 2 feet away, that one was in pristine condition, completely UNTOUCHED...

status of new appliances

the micro is awesome = it works. although for the first few days, every time the buzzer would ring when it was ready, i would panic. the old/new micro had issues with the timer & whenever you let the time run out, the micro was done. many blessings, prayers & such had to be commenced to the dearly beloved micro to coerce it to work again.

only complaint about the new/new micro is it is LOUD, like jet engine loud.

the dishwasher is good too! it supposedly didn't require any pre-rinsing which is a big bonus to me. i don't get the whole idea of washing your dishes to put them in the dishwasher. i KNOW, many people have told me, the dishwasher sanitizes. OK, but what about ALL the water you're using to wash the same dish 2x?
anyways, it's better than most of the dishwashers i've encountered & because it's both an energy saver & low water user (only 7 gals/wash), i'm pleased.