Wednesday, May 14, 2008

not the only chick in the house

the whole trip to LA was my thing, new work clothes & Mother's day right? Not that i didn't expect B & Z to refrain from shopping, but just gotta make sure we're all clear - MY trip.

i left B & Z in the shoe dept so i could go get undergarments. Z protested, but after what happened at Mervyn's he's no longer allowed in that dept with me. (i'll have to check if i've notated that incident, if not it deserves it's own post)
picking out undergarments takes me a really long time & i don't even find it enjoyable. for underwear i want cute/sexy & comfortable but that's a REAL hard find in underwear, it's either strings that get stuck in places it doesn't have any business in or cotton grandma drawers.

then for bras i've succumbed to the dreaded padded bra. not that i don't need it, i could use the extra padding, but i've always considered it false advertising. over the past few years the options of no padding have shrunken dramatically, so i was forced to try one. i had to go thru the entire dept to find the least padded bra & i'm ok with that. so now everytime i need new bras i have to search for non-floatation device would think they would have their own section.

anyways, so ya, all that's going on & i'm still trying to find underwear when B & Z walk up. then B tells me he just bought 3 pairs of one store. the entire trip, 2 malls, countless store, i only found one pair of work shoes. oh, i had to buy a pair of flip flops because i was getting blisters from the shoes i was wearing (but those don't count).


  1. seriously? 3? he's such a girl!

  2. yup, 3! he said he liked the black but really needed brown, so he ended up with the same shoe in 2 colors. then when he was waiting he remember he needed running shoes, so he picked out a pair of those too.
    i'm thinking the sales clerk with the bolt-ons & low-cut top might have something to do with it...


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