Wednesday, May 21, 2008

like an alarm

here's how last night went:

B & Z were already here, B was on the computer, Z was asleep on the couch, i came home & had a snack.

after Z got up he wanted to play a game on the computer, so we did that while B watched tv.

then Z took his bath, ate dinner & got ready for bed. i've started a new thing lately, before i start reading to him i like to ask him what was the best part of his day or what was his favorite thing that happened.
i think it's important for him to realize there's always something good about every day & not only that but i'm really interested to hear his answer.
last night's was "writing sentences in Ms. W's class" something he used to totally hate doing. then i read a little to him & the entire time B was playing the game Z found on the computer.

so now that Z is taken care of & B is occupied i finally have a minute to myself. i brush & floss, wash my face, then look at myself in the mirror. yeah, eyebrows are looking rough but what's worse, the know i totally hate saying that, but yah, it's there & there is no fricken denying it. any 14 year old boy would be proud of it, grooming it, counting the hairs.

so what's a moustach-y girl to do? i've tried waxing & it doesn't work for me. my skin darkens so i either have a hairy moustache or a darken skin moustache. OC-D has warned me not to bleach, that all that happens is the light is reflected so that's bad. with the amount of hair i have & the amount of sun we get here, i could probably blind someone if i chose that route. so i'm stuck with dipilatories that burn my skin & remove some hair, but that's the best i can do.

so i put the stuff on & within 30 seconds B comes walking around the corner...& yeah, i'm pissed.
why? why? why? does he have to be coming around the corner now that i got white, stinky hair remover stuff on my moustauche?
just leave me & moustache alone ok!


  1. the things we have to do!
    caine usually uses his favorite line from one of the friday movies on me.
    "better line that (beep) out"
    (btw he usually just leaves out the beep/cuss word in exchange for a dramatic pause, thank goodness.)

  2. hahaha! that's too funny! quoting friday - love it!


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