Thursday, May 1, 2008

status of new appliances

the micro is awesome = it works. although for the first few days, every time the buzzer would ring when it was ready, i would panic. the old/new micro had issues with the timer & whenever you let the time run out, the micro was done. many blessings, prayers & such had to be commenced to the dearly beloved micro to coerce it to work again.

only complaint about the new/new micro is it is LOUD, like jet engine loud.

the dishwasher is good too! it supposedly didn't require any pre-rinsing which is a big bonus to me. i don't get the whole idea of washing your dishes to put them in the dishwasher. i KNOW, many people have told me, the dishwasher sanitizes. OK, but what about ALL the water you're using to wash the same dish 2x?
anyways, it's better than most of the dishwashers i've encountered & because it's both an energy saver & low water user (only 7 gals/wash), i'm pleased.

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