Thursday, May 29, 2008

alone time

the real birthday day but we were all exhausted from the day before. i think B & Z had leftover birthday cake for breakfast. then we headed down to the beach.

B packed sandwiches & munchies for me so we could stay down there awhile. the sand castle Z & the Z boys made on Tues was gone, so we decided to build a new one. B brought rocks over to build a retaining wall, Z & I built a moat & i made castles & in the process broke Z's bucket - oops! later when he noticed it was broken & i confessed he said he was going to tell Grammie on me for breaking his bucket.

heading back up the stairs Z said he "dropped-ed" something so i corrected him & said "dropped" & he said yeah, he knew that was the right way to say it, it was just that he got "confused-ed".

it was a nice quiet day. oh, Z did bring up that we didn't have a present for him. the whole week at the beach, trip to disneyland, stuff we bought at disneyland, yeah, all that doesn't count. so i guess we have to buy him something at walmart.

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