Thursday, May 1, 2008

fricken dog

ugh, forgot to make a post about fricken dog.....
2 weeks ago went bought some veggie plants but it was so dang windy (shhhh! don't say it loudly!) we didn't get around to planting them until this past weekend.
we have 2 garden beds, but we only bought a few plants so i put them all in 1. late this sunday afternoon i got everything in the ground & warned doggie to stay away from my goodies.

apparently in dog speak that = tear this shit up, but i didn't know that.

on monday when i went home for lunch i let her in for the afternoon. when i came home at the end of the day B asked "did you look at your garden? did you see what she did?"

words i did not want to hear. yup, she got in there, dug holes here & there, tore up a few plants, but the empty garden bed just 2 feet away, that one was in pristine condition, completely UNTOUCHED...

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