Wednesday, May 28, 2008

annual disneyland trip

although last year's birthday disneyland trip started out rough, we decided to make it an annual affair...along with the week stay at the beach.

Wed was the day we headed north. we got to the park by 9:30, we started off with adventureland & had a blast. Z didn't like the indiana jones ride though, all the bouncing around was too much for him. but he loved the jungle safari, pirates & the haunted house. he doesn't even seem to get scared.

then we took him on the train type rollercoaster, which he loved last year & rode a few times. but this year he decided he wanted to ride with B the first round...which was a mistake.

they sat in the seat in front of me & as we're being swung from side to side B has his hands up in the air, so i hollered at B "you need to hold him!" when we got off the rollercoaster Z wasn't too sure if he liked it or not but we convinced him to try it again this time sitting with me. i hold the bar with one hand & hold him with the other. to me the ride isn't the scary part, it's the way my body flies around uncontrollably. Z liked the ride better once he wasn't worried about flying out of his seat.

we had lunch at the blue bayou again. it was nice last year to get some shade & have a good meal not just munchies. good this time too.

we went on the matterhorn a few times, Z drove a car & then we went on the nemo submarine (it was ok, not worth a 2nd 45 min wait though). shortly thereafter OC-D & R showed up. we sat through the tiki room festivities (where OC-D & Z kept saying a bird was going to poop on each other), went on star tours & the toy story ride with them & before we knew it the park was already closing. we did a little shopping, Z had to get a shirt, a toy & a candy for the road. B was looking for a coffee cup he found last year but unfortunately wasn't able to locate this time.

we left the park a little after 10pm, all completely exhausted, but Z was a champ! no meltdowns! ok, he cried just a tad after the ij ride, but that was it.


  1. first off there is a nemo submarine? and a toy story ride? obviously,it's been a while since i've been to mouseland.
    the last family trip we took there my mom got totally pooped on during lunch. we didn't even notice until we were leaving and her back was streaked with ca-ca. my mom was close to gagging. it was gross but really funny. :-)
    glad you guys had so much fun!!!

  2. HAHAHAHA! sorry, but that WAS funny! i assume a bird did the pooping, not a random flyby child or accident on a ride.....

  3. it was actually from a kid on the dumbo ride flying by...ha ha ha...only kidding. birds, and lots of them.


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