Wednesday, May 21, 2008

last day

last Thursday one of my co-workers organized an after work outing for drinks. it was nice to associate with everyone on a personal level. boss was out of town which made it even better.

today was the real last day we did a group lunch. boss did his presentation thing, i got a card, a photo collage of the group that's really cool & even better a pet rock. not 70's rock, one with a petroglyph on it. i don't know if it's a real one or a manufactured one, but cool none the less.
as B said, much better than the "that was easy" button that i got for Christmas.

tomorrow's the big day, i have to look all spiffy & be coherent at 7:00am, that's a tall order for me to fill. they better have some really good coffee to help with that. snacks would be good pancakes & bacon...
that wouldn't be too much to ask for would it?


  1. everyone gets pancakes and bacon for their first day right? i think that's a law or something.

  2. sadly there were no pancakes, nor any bacon. but they did have some "kick you in the a$$ coffee" so i was awake (in the morning at least).


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