Friday, February 29, 2008

lady the tramp

our first neighbors next door had a dog. when they sold the house, the renters had a dog but these dogs were good & we (nor Lady had any problems with them). the latest renter however has a dog that's a barker.

not only does Z go over to the fence to antagonize the dog, Lady does too. i've seen her go over there & sniff at him through the fence, but not only does she do that she rubs her butt up on the fence! you can hear her say "hey you want some of this?"

this morning i let her out & i hear neighbor dog barking, barking, barking so as soon as i get a chance i go over & let her in. as she's coming i holler at her "stop rubbing your butt up against the fence you tramp!"

then B laughs at me because he's never seen her do that, then he says "yeah, Momma doesn't tolerate tramps around here, she's had enough of them in her past"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

a day in the life

the other night we picked Z up from his buddy's house & we're headed out to run some errands. we ended up spending about an hour talking with the parents so when we left we decided to just have dinner out. denny's ended up being the choice (living high on the hog, aren't we?), then we headed to HD to pick up a few supplies.

of course we had to take a trip to the bathroom (truth be told we don't have bathrooms at home, that's why we go out). after Z washes his hands he notices the pad/tampon dispenser on the wall & he asks "what's that?" beings he can't read i figured the easiest answer was "i don't know" - wrong answer for the inquisitive boy, he then asks for some money to see what comes out of the vending machine. so i tell him no, that it's not going to be candy & replies with a clearly disappointed "oh".

when we get home we stream through the nightly routine of doing some homework, changing into jammies, picking out clothes for the morning & brushing teeth & then Z asks me "aren't we going to have dinner?" apparently he wasn't present for that whole denny's thing even though he ate chicken tenders, french fries, my french fries & a cup of milk - must have been just a snack...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

taking Z to the dentist

today was Z’s dental appt, it was his 2nd round of cavity work. the dentist found 4 in all, 2 on each side, all on the bottom. B took him for his first round, the dentist said Z took it like a champ. on this visit Sam was there (Z’s babysitter) we didn’t know she had a real job! Z was in his comfort zone, she put the yucky numbing stuff in his mouth & he was all over the place. i tried to get him to sit still but he was crawling all over the chair, inspecting all the instruments, then came over & sat on my lap so i would read to him.

when the dr came in to give him the shot i had to look away, i HATE that part, i can feel it no matter how much numbing stuff they put on there! he said he could feel it too. he did well, didn’t squirm while they drilled (UGH, i was squirming for him though). before we knew it he was done & picking out his toy (toughest part for him) while i was all tense from the drilling...

then we went to McD’s to get him a milkshake, just like my mom used to do for me every time i got a filling.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

weekend warriors

ok, i guess that really should say "weekend warrior"...B did a great job on the bathroom but even Z was commenting on how we (he & i) hardly helped. B was just out of his comfort zone & Z doesn't understand that.

anywho, bathroom is almost finished & looks great. w/e before last we destroyed it only leaving the tub & wall tiles while the rest of the bathroom was on the front lawn (so glad i took the time to clean it the day before beings it was on display for the whole neighborhood).

the new floor tile is pretty (so much better than that early 80's linoleum), the vanity is cheap but still nicer than the old one, tile countertop (tough to install, but the glass mosaic decorative strip is so fricken sweet!), the lowflo toilet is cute (weird that a toilet could be cute, but it is, trust me), plus new mirror on the wall, new medicine cabinet (which Z claimed some time ago by placing spiderman bandaids within) & new cabinet above the toilet that matches mirror & vanity.

all that's left to install is the sink & faucet. the other day (while it laid in the middle of the living room floor) Z was looking at it & asked why water wouldn't come out of the faucet? - i just love that innocence!

why am i difficult?

because i have ethics - this is what my boss tells me

no, this is why i need a different job, because of his lack thereof...

Monday, February 25, 2008

does this count?

friday morning i took Z to school, ran some errands & on my way home thought breakfast sounded yummy. i'm usually not one for breakfast, don't care for the sweet stuff & i'm hit & miss on eggs (sometimes i think they sound good, then half way thru eating one i'll start to gag on it...weird, yeh, i know)....but anyways yes, driving home breakfast, eggs, bacon = yum.

so i get home & start to dig in the freezer for the bacon, then i think oh, sausage sounds good...then i remember it's friday during lent - bacon, no sausage, no meat for me ALL day.

so to make up for the lack of bacon or sausage fat, i covered by eggs in salsa, cheese & sour cream, wasn't so bad after all & i thought what a good catholic i am. really, i'm not big on religion. my mom was brought up strict "you're going to hell" catholic & she didn't like it, so she never imposed religion on me & most of what i know is from friends because we never went to church. i try to do my part, but mainly i live by the whole theory of be a good person & treat others as you wish to be treated.

so back to the lent thing, for as long as i can remember i've tried to do the no meat friday & i don't think i've ever made it every friday, don't get wrong, it was inadvertant meat eating that occurred. the only time i purposely didn't try is when i was pregnant & that's because i was merely a host to Z's cravings (yes, he ran my life in the womb too).

i missed the previous friday, i lost track of days, which isn't unusual & had a big ole roast beef & cheddar cheese sandwich. it was really good, you know why? because it was sinful! oh yeah, the eggs, that i thought i was being so good about i later realized i cooked them in bacon fat!

i'm so not cut out to be a vegetarian!

Friday, February 22, 2008

piss or porcelain?

during demo we're down to 1 toilet which with 2 males in the house ain't a good place to be. when i go to the bathroom the chances are about 90% that i'm either sitting in piss or on porcelain.

now the porcelain thing has always been a battle w/B. but i've told him on numerous occasions the simple way to resolve this is for him to choose a bathroom & it's his, no worries about putting the seat down - it's win win for me (i won't have to worry about sitting on porcelain, one less toilet for me to clean & i never ever get horrified by what i find when i do lift the seat to clean the bowl).

but he doesn't like my solution, why you ask? because part of the stipulation is i will not clean his toilet if we were do this & he's got a thing about dirty toilets. the dichotomy of B always surprises me; he must have huge internal struggles between his slob side & his neat freak side.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

worn out

the trip to vegas was more than the boy could handle...maybe it was all the strippers, drugs & alcohol (j/k) but Z still has not recoverd from the trip.

tuesday we did not even attempt homework. at about 7:30 he said he was hungry then past out within 5 minutes & there was no waking him, not even for food. B carried him to bed & we changed him into jammies. he woke somewhat as i gave him night night kisses & he smiled at me, it was cute.

last night we did homework, counting change then the new hard stuff - writing sentences (yeah, in kindergarten!) many tears were shed. he's still having a difficult time remembering how to write a letter & they want sentences! so we wrote one sentence "my friend needs candy" because Z's world doesn't exist outside of candy. then i couldn't handle anymore tears so i suggested we practiced writing letters. he did a row of 'A's & one of 'a' & was done.

i was working on dinner at the same time & when he came over he saw the garlic press & asked if i had anything left to squash but i didn't, so yeah, more tears. i'm horrible mother, not saving garlic for him to smash.

then in the middle of the night he woke me up because there was a spider in his bed. not really it was a dream, he can watch anything & not have issues, but he's got a thing about spiders. the other day when i asked him what movie he wanted to watch he chose "the one with the pretty girls who are bad" (geez, they really are like that from birth!) which meant "underworld 2" yup he's all over kate beckinsale (just like dad) but anyways, has no problems watching scary stuff with vampires, monsters, etc but spiders get him. i know of 2 instances that spurred a spider nightmare - an episode of jimmy nuetron & the netflix commercial always gets him too.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Z funnies

a few funny sayings:

Z has a friend who has a dog & it's a "chicka-waa-waa" - chihuahua

remember school house rocks "conjunction junction what's your function?" Z says "conduction dunction what's your function?"

a story: as we're driving home from vegas, Z tells B for his next birthday he wants a clam. B thinking he's so fricken clever says "i think you're a little young for some clam" & he chuckles to himself cuz he's so dang smart. then Z says "i know if i swim in the ocean water & i take off my shorts a clam will come up & bite my peepee"...yup, that's what he said & we couldn't laugh & encourage the behavior, so i told B to just drop me off there & i would walk the rest of the way home even though we hadn't even reached death valley yet.

Friday, February 15, 2008

let the demo begin

we started the demo of Z's bath last Sat - took out toilet, medicine cabinet, light fixture, counter top, vanity & original linoleum flooring. Z helped take out the flooring, he liked using the scraper & vacuuming it up.

Every nite we've (or B has) made progress - painted ceilings & walls, put up new lights & medicine cabinet & the last 2 nights new tile flooring. B's first try & he did good. it's going to look great when it's done.

so far the laundry room has been updated & our bath is 1/2 done (still needs floor, counter top/sink/faucet) but we are on our way out of the ghetto - finally!

my head hurts..

Current mood: frustrated

maybe it's because i can't stop hitting my head on my desk out of frustation....

i need a new job, really, really bad.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

maybe a good hair day

Boss has been in a bad mood lately...understandable as the office is out of $, but still he's making my life difficult & I've been so busy I haven't even had time to write a ranting about it – GEEZ!

So yesterday was really a bad day here, just crappy all the way around. This morning when the boss walks in he says "today's going to be a good day I guarantee it" (in comparison to yesterday, it wouldn't be difficult to have a better day) anyways, he questions me as to how I'm going to make today a better day so I tell him "I think, just maybe, I might have a good hair day today" but I don't think that was what he was hoping for…

valentine’s day secret

Yesterday I picked up Z in the afternoon & we headed over to B's work to set up a little valentine's day surprise. On the way there I told Z it was a secret but he told me secrets were bad, so I said it was a surprise & Poppa would see it tomorrow & be very happy about it, so we couldn't tell him.

Z & I sprinkled colorful heart confetti all over B's desk then I placed a picture (from the Budz Disneyland trip) in a frame with hearts all over it & then Z assisted me in the placement of the bouquet of heart lollipops & we were done.

On our drive home we continued our conversation about the secret surprise & Z said when Poppa got to work in the morning he would think it was magic that all that stuff got there. However, when we got home & walked in the door Z could not restrain himself from letting the cat out of the bag.

The second he saw B he told him "there's a surprise waiting for you at work & you're going to be so happy in the morning when you find it!" hahahaha! The laugh we got out of his excitement was worth it. this morning Z was still telling B about his "surprise".

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

so much for that bargain

Current mood: bummed

i bought one of those cute little organizer purses the other day at mervyn's on super sale. you know the one that's about the size of a large pocket book but has all kinds of zippers, pockets & folds so you can fit 3 tons worth of useless crap in there? well, the darn strap just broke, i guess it can't hold 3 tons after all...

just want an address

you know you're in the sticks when someone refuses to give you an address...

i have a dr appt this afternoon & when i made the appt i asked for the address & all she could tell me was it was near the hospital, no street , no suite , that's it...find the hospital & we're somewhere around there....thanks, there's 4 buildings around the hospital, should i just walk in to each one & ask who wants to examine me?

on second thought maybe this could be fun....or REALLY scary...

Friday, February 8, 2008

paybacks stink...literally

on one of our many trips to the home depot bathroom, one really was a rush & when we got there Z dropped his pants as quick as he could & proceeded to pee. only he had to go so bad he didn't have time to aim before starting so he peed all over the wall, all over the seat, everywhere & i couldn't help but do anything but laugh (a lot). a) i'm a girl so i don't know what it like to have to have the ability to aim, b) i'm an only child raised by my mother so have no idea what it's like to be around urinating males, c) B was potty trained when we met (thankfully!) so he knows what to do. this was a whole new experience for me, i mean if i have to pee really bad i just end up in a puddle of pee (& tears), but that's not what it's like for boys - just not fair.

anyways, we cleaned Z's pee up & went on with our business. however, today when i was cleaning his bathroom, it stank, stank like pee...see what i get for laughing at him...

how it happens, i just don’t know

i'm thinking that someone comes in the middle of the night or something & completely destroys my house because it doesn't seem that dirty than when i start cleaning stuff up i realize the entire house is a complete mess...really the more i clean the dirtier it i guess to win the battle i'll stop there!

had a busy morning, was able to get Z into medical 1st thing. his excema that he's had his entire life has always been mild & easily controlled but not this bout. we had been doing the ritual morning & evening slathering of the greasist lotion i could find but yesterday his spots covered his calves so i put olive oil on there! last night in the bath his little legs were completely inflammed, i didn't see how bad his legs were until he was already in the water unfortunately otherwise we would have just skipped it.

so the dr gave him steriod cream for the legs, told me claritin would help with the itchys & do the inhaler daily to help minimize the reaction. we made it to school only an hour late.

then i headed out to mervyn's because a friend told me they were having a great sale. it's been on for a few days so i got slim pickens. oh well, don't need to spend anymore $$.

Z's friend is coming over after school & B should be home this evening so i've got to get the house in a decent much for my free day

Thursday, February 7, 2008

girl cooties

so B's been out of you know what that means? i'm able to get on the home computer without making an appt 3 days in advance! been on it every will be covered in girl cooties by the time he gets home!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

greedy me

so i found this link:

& i need all those things...maybe i'm even more difficult than i thought....just maybe...

more than i ever wanted to know

a few weeks ago when Z was sick & we spent a few days on sofa watching tv we caught a program about endangered species & i just HAVE to share some of the things i learned on this show. (this is a big deal because it was weeks ago & i still remember this stuff!)

as stated, it was a show about endangered animals & i thought they were going to give background info about them, but boy was i wrong! they talked about human intervention to re-establish populations, ie sperm retrieval & placement. i should have change the channel immediately (because of the sure to follow uncomfortable questions i would get from Z) but i couldn't, actually i don't think i blinked for an entire hour...well maybe during commercials or when i was laughing hysterically.

the first animal they showed were some elephants so i couldn't change the channel because i love them. here's what i learned, the male elephant produces a soda can's worth of seed! & he can produce up to 5 cans in one day!

then they showed retrieval of the seed - the man massaging the elephant's prostate! yup, shoulder deep! & Z in the background "EW, he's got his arm in the elephant's booty, that's SO GROSS!" while my eyes are popping out of my head.

then there was the placement of the seed - so you know the male elephant's unit has to be 5 (count that 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) FEET long to get anywhere near where it needs to be! ok, that's my mom! my mom's entire body could easily fit inside a female elephant's...receptacle....

next was a rhino & i surely could not change the channel now...why you ask? because when a male rhino goes in defense mode his unit shrinks up into his body & i wasn't going miss watching that!

yup, they showed the guy yanking on the rhino's unit because they needed to put a condom on the end of it to catch his spill. oh, to stimulate the male rhino's prostate, they used a vibrator, i bet the male elephant would be jealous if he only knew!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

no time for crust

how do you define love? i do with one word - cheesecake.

simple, i know, but it makes me happy. have you seen the new cheesecake in a tub at the market? i hadn't even seen a commercial for it yet & B brought it home for me (wasn't that sweet!). it's good stuff (we are a million miles from a cheescake factory so i'm sure my standards have dropped...some), says right on there "just spread into crust" - please! like a) husband would think of buying crust, b) i have time for spreading onto crust. a shovel, i mean spoon, suits me just fine, don't even need a serving bowl.

of course, this little thing at is pretty cute too:

Monday, February 4, 2008

grouch, grouch

i don't know what the deal is but boy am i in a bad mood, have been for days…..for no reason, just grouchy! on Sat we went to town & finally made a decision to buy some tile - YEAH! can't wait to nag B to start installing that! i'll help, as much as he'll let me, but i know that won't be much. he's a control freak at times & he's horrible at explaining what he really wants & instead just gets pissy because you don't do what he wants although he's incapable of putting what he wants into words…um, did i mention I'm grouchy?

then we went to the mall, but the all the people there were bothering me & Z was incessantly talking. it's true what they say, you love the baby talk, can't wait for them to speak & once they do all you can do is think about how much you want them to just SHUT UP! he talks about this, talks about that, comments about this, comments about that, questions this, questions that, babble, babble, words, words, talk, talk & finally when i feel my skull splitting from sensory overload & i can't calmly answer or respond anymore & i just can't take all the noise he's making & i "SSSSSSSSHHHHHHH" him, i look up & realized my "ssshh" was so fierce i silenced the entire store…

oh we went to chili's for lunch, one of my favorite places, but even they weren't safe from my pissiness…we order some nachos for an appetizer, have you had their "new & improved" nachos? if not, let me tell you what you get for 8 bucks – a circle serving dish with MAYBE 12 chips covered with cheese on rim, then in the center of the plate is ½ is covered with lettuce, ¼ is salsa, remaining ¼ a dollop of sour cream spread out to fill the void. Are ya kidding me?

then my entrĂ©e of chicken crispers (which I LOVE) was soggy (EWWW!), yeah, what used to be crispy was now greasy sogginess! however the manager replaced my meal with something else & it was free – so props to him…

then we visited bliss (aka Target) & it was good

Friday, February 1, 2008

did cps get the call?

the other night was leftover night. Z came home starving so i gave him a bowl of spaghetti while i figured out what i was going to do with the hodge podge in the fridge. i decided to make some more noodles for the rest of the spaghetti sauce & make tacos with the left over chicken. i teasingly told Z i was making tacos & asked if he wanted one. i know he loves tacos, but figured the spaghetti would be enough for him, but he called me on it & said yes he wanted a taco too.

when i finished making the tacos he brought me his empty spaghetti bowl & proceeded to get lettuce, cheese, sour cream & ketchup out of the fridge & told me "this is what i want on my taco" – alrighty then. he ate the whole thing, which considering he already had the spaghetti, was a lot. when he finished he had a ring of sour cream around his mouth & B asked if he had enough taco with his sour cream.

let me tell you, we're a family serious about our dairy products. when B was a kid his mom used to tell him he needed to get his own cow because he drank so much milk (& still does) while Z & i can eat our own weight in cheese & sour cream on a daily basis.

one time i made tacos & we didn't have sour cream & Z cried (literally, tears streaming down his face). i'm sure if he knew & could have, he would have called cps on me "yeah, tacos & no white sauce…how could she be so cruel????"