Wednesday, February 27, 2008

taking Z to the dentist

today was Z’s dental appt, it was his 2nd round of cavity work. the dentist found 4 in all, 2 on each side, all on the bottom. B took him for his first round, the dentist said Z took it like a champ. on this visit Sam was there (Z’s babysitter) we didn’t know she had a real job! Z was in his comfort zone, she put the yucky numbing stuff in his mouth & he was all over the place. i tried to get him to sit still but he was crawling all over the chair, inspecting all the instruments, then came over & sat on my lap so i would read to him.

when the dr came in to give him the shot i had to look away, i HATE that part, i can feel it no matter how much numbing stuff they put on there! he said he could feel it too. he did well, didn’t squirm while they drilled (UGH, i was squirming for him though). before we knew it he was done & picking out his toy (toughest part for him) while i was all tense from the drilling...

then we went to McD’s to get him a milkshake, just like my mom used to do for me every time i got a filling.

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