Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Z funnies

a few funny sayings:

Z has a friend who has a dog & it's a "chicka-waa-waa" - chihuahua

remember school house rocks "conjunction junction what's your function?" Z says "conduction dunction what's your function?"

a story: as we're driving home from vegas, Z tells B for his next birthday he wants a clam. B thinking he's so fricken clever says "i think you're a little young for some clam" & he chuckles to himself cuz he's so dang smart. then Z says "i know if i swim in the ocean water & i take off my shorts a clam will come up & bite my peepee"...yup, that's what he said & we couldn't laugh & encourage the behavior, so i told B to just drop me off there & i would walk the rest of the way home even though we hadn't even reached death valley yet.

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