Thursday, February 21, 2008

worn out

the trip to vegas was more than the boy could handle...maybe it was all the strippers, drugs & alcohol (j/k) but Z still has not recoverd from the trip.

tuesday we did not even attempt homework. at about 7:30 he said he was hungry then past out within 5 minutes & there was no waking him, not even for food. B carried him to bed & we changed him into jammies. he woke somewhat as i gave him night night kisses & he smiled at me, it was cute.

last night we did homework, counting change then the new hard stuff - writing sentences (yeah, in kindergarten!) many tears were shed. he's still having a difficult time remembering how to write a letter & they want sentences! so we wrote one sentence "my friend needs candy" because Z's world doesn't exist outside of candy. then i couldn't handle anymore tears so i suggested we practiced writing letters. he did a row of 'A's & one of 'a' & was done.

i was working on dinner at the same time & when he came over he saw the garlic press & asked if i had anything left to squash but i didn't, so yeah, more tears. i'm horrible mother, not saving garlic for him to smash.

then in the middle of the night he woke me up because there was a spider in his bed. not really it was a dream, he can watch anything & not have issues, but he's got a thing about spiders. the other day when i asked him what movie he wanted to watch he chose "the one with the pretty girls who are bad" (geez, they really are like that from birth!) which meant "underworld 2" yup he's all over kate beckinsale (just like dad) but anyways, has no problems watching scary stuff with vampires, monsters, etc but spiders get him. i know of 2 instances that spurred a spider nightmare - an episode of jimmy nuetron & the netflix commercial always gets him too.

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