Monday, August 20, 2007

weird weekend

2 things happened this weekend that I wasn't too happy about:

on Friday night I was felt up (by a woman!), then on Saturday I was asked if I knew what I was expecting (because they thought I was pregnant!)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Z's graduation

here's the story, today Z's preschool had a graduation ceremony. i show up at his school (note the empty parking lot) then go to his unlit room & find the mangled note on the door that the ceremony is at the cafe. I'm already late (as usual) so i rush back to the car, call B (who's just leaving the office) he also thought the ceremony was at the school, so lucky i saved him the trip.

I get to the ceremony to find Z & a couple of other parentless children are at the end of the food line, so he's happy to see me yet torn because he's holding hands with Madeline (the new girlfriend). We get our sandwiches but are unable to locate a table with 3 empty seats so we sit at the kiddie table with a bowl of crayons in the center of it & hope B can locate a chair when he arrives. B arrives shortly thereafter & snags a seat so he can sit with us.

After we eat all the kids are called to the front of the room & line up to get their diplomas & I notice Z & Mrs. Christie talking quite a bit. Then she finally looks up & mouths "he's got to go potty" (great, he waited for now, right before everything starts, he had been sitting in his chair for 10 minutes goofing around & he has to pee NOW!)

B goes & gets him, luckily there's a bathroom right outside & shortly thereafter they return only B tells me Z managed to pee all over his tan shorts. B asks if I have any extra clothes in my car for him (no) so B checks the truck & in the mean time Z has me dry the pee off his leg, foot & shoe (how do they manage?).

Not surprisingly B returns empty handed & he doesn't want to walk Z up to the front of the room. I try to give him the camera while I take Z up there but he doesn't take it. I hand Z off to one of the teachers & she says she'll get him in line to go up on stage. I was MAYBE 4 feet away when they call out his name!

So I'm fumbling with the camera, trying to turn it on, put it on video, wait for the lense to adjust, click the button to start recording (do you feel how everything is taking forever?). I'm mad that I'm missed them saying his name, what's the point of the flipping video if i don't have them calling out his name? I switch the video off & take a few pictures, Z doesn't even stop to present his diploma, he just takes it & walks off stage with his wet shorts.

After handing out the diplomas the kids sang the abc's but Z just looked down. Then they played a song, i don't know why no one sang.

that was it, not exactly what i was anticipating for a rather major milestone...

i hope his 1st day of kindergarten goes better

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

the downside

the downside to things being better, me feeling better is that i'm eating like a fricken ranchhand & have the stomach to prove it...just in time for the beach!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

walmart bathroom

what's the deal with kids & public bathrooms?

Everytime we go to walmart, Z has to use the bathroom. There's only 1 stall & it's never clean, but yet we must visit it every trip. I always ask before we leave the house "are you hungry, are you thirsty, do you need to use the potty?" "No, No, No" is my answer in that little 5 yr old irritated voice.

So last night on a 10 minute walmart run, within minutes of walking inside (just long enough to get to the opposite side of the building from where the bathroom is) he states he needs to use the potty. Geez, we only came here for 2 items & I haven't even gotten 1 of them!

We rush to the bathroom because you never know how much time you have. Then we get in the stall & pulls down his pants & turns around to sit - AHHHHH, NOOO, DON'T SIT!!! He only had to pee, so why he wanted to sit I don't know, but there was crap on the toilet!

So then my tirade begins about how I hate using public bathrooms.....& is now documented for you to enjoy