Tuesday, September 30, 2008

somebody pick me up off the floor please

after the excel tragedy i moved on to word & discovered a nifty trick (in case you're wondering it was the org chart thing, nothing huge, just didn't know it existed & had previously made sad attempts in visio) that i decided was worthy of sharing with old boss. granted we have our differences, but i have no problem sharing the knowledge & bidding him well with it, so i sent him a completely innocent e-mail.

guess what i got in response?

ok, i guess i'm kinda leading you on, but it's fun...he told me a co-worker had recently left, they weren't happy with her replacement & that he & the sector manager may want to talk to me if things continue in the same manner.

ok, you up off the floor yet or do you need a little more time?

it's an ANALYST position, something i've always wanted to be (probably until i get there & then decide it's crap too).

hating excel today

last week too! take that Microsoft!
ugh, stupid excel!
i took several of the online lessons, then re-took the test several times, one time i got a 75, took again & got.....a 76! WTF? come on!
after taking the test probably 5, maybe 6 times, i finally got an 80.
excel, go away we are not friends!
i'm taking my toys & going home like the only child i am, you suck!

so he hit a girl

can we move on? no, i didn't think so...

i guess school was ok, i don't know, we didn't even talk about it because whatever happened at school was overshadowed by the fact that Z hit a girl at his after school place. they put him in timeout & because he can't write sentences (words barely, a coherent sentence not a chance) they had him draw pictures.

my favorite guy there gave me an 'artist's therapy point of view.' can't tell you how much i like that guy! i guess it helps that he always tells me no matter what crazy shit Z manages to do, he just adores him & thinks he's the greatest kid. so he said Z's a healthy kid, as in mentally even!
Z drew a few pics, but the one he was most impressed with were 2 pics of Z & I where he was giving me flowers. in both pics, Z is near the left edge of the paper, guy said putting oneself near the edge of the paper identifies self-awareness. Z & I were in proportion to each other, he was smaller & we were decent stick figures (not sure i could do much better) so he's aware of scale & he does recognize my authority. the rest of the page was a flurry of color not a white spot left on the page, he said Z doesn't know prejudice & he is comfortable with himself.

part of the reason i'm so interested in the review was i think back about how i would draw pictures. i was always in the middle of the page & i would draw a tree or something near me...probably to deflect attn. i never (to this day) would think of coloring the rest of the page, especially with an array of colors, maybe a blue sky, but i'm just not that imaginative (& probably not that comfortable with myself!).

so i've called the counselor to have him evaluated. the guy suggested i bring the drawings in, he thinks Z is gifted.

Monday, September 29, 2008

the duck

last night Z was in the tub so B went in to check on how he was doing.
washed - check
shampooed - check
all the phootchi parts washed again - check

ok, time for conditioner
i've been struggling for months to get B to put conditioner on Z's hair. i don't think it's B that remembered, i think Z initiated the conditioning procedure because this is what happened.

B - ok here's the conditioner
Z - just a little Poppa
B - Momma says you need it
Z - i only need it on the back because Momma doesn't want a duck

"the duck" is the back of the kids head, do you remember those doll heads you would play with as a kid? come on, it was like a big barbie head with hair you could style & experiment makeup techniques on it's face. well after a few hairstyles, that hair got pretty ragged & that's the hair that's on the back of Z's head aka "the duck".

we got haircuts the other day & even the hairstylist commented on how crazy Z's hair is. she said he's got everything fine, course, straight, wavy, all on one head...but she hasn't even SEEN "the duck".

Saturday, September 27, 2008

report for the week

i was in close contact all week w/Z's school. He did well & were all happy!!!
we also discovered Z's not the only one hitting in class though - he was hit 3 times this week.
so what Z really learned was to tell the teacher when he gets hit whereas before he just took & she never even knew about it. L was the only kid he hit back before (that we know of) & now after having Z's K teacher get involved & the stand in principal, the teacher is keeping Z & L apart in the classroom.

but we're having extreme doubts about his teacher & her being able to maintain the class.

why is all this hitting going on? is this a boy thing? is it just this class? what?

we know Z & L are going to get into it again, i guess it's just a matter of who can run to the teacher first...

Friday, September 26, 2008

date night

although i spend hours in front of the tv, i do little watching. i have a few favorites like top chef, what not to wear, america's next top model, but very few night time shows. i got hooked into grey's anatomy after one visit to my mom's she had it on & would barely speak to me as she watched. unfortunately, it was not long after the hook was set that the stupid writer's strike began & i was cut off left only to watch repeats which wouldn't have been so bad except they kept playing the same ones over & over. couldn't they have gone back & played previous season stuff? give me a little background people! in the absence of grey's i did find the big bang theory & it's fun to watch.

anyways, that was all background, so B told me not that long ago, previous to the whoohoo new season starting! that he enjoyed watching grey's with me, so i told him that would be our set date night if we didn't manage to set anything else up. we live in a really little town where there's VERY few options for a date, WOULD TOTALLY SUCK to be single here; there's no where to go, nothing to do, less than a handful of decent places to eat & 1 small dirty, stinky movie theater.

grey's was good. B laughed at me as i smiled at the tv, like i was watching a video of old friends. he was tired so the 2 hour episode was a bit much for him. he had a long day out in the heat a lot, flew with some amateur pilots & had a bit of a scare; so when we hit the hay at 11, he was down for the count. i had a rough time sleeping & the fact that he was so tired he snored LIKE I'VE NEVER HEARD the man snore before didn't help matters. i promise it sounded like he was gargling a cat, no lil' kitty, a full grown cat & when i would nudge him he would look at me with this pissed off face because I WAS INTERRUPTING HIS sleep.

so the next morning i was exhausted. yeah i don't know if i could handle this date night thing more than once a week..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

mad...at myself

today i'm not talkative, today i'm mad.

B was talking about someone last night & was saying her MS skills were impressive (not his words, but you get the jest). anyways, not that i'm jealous, not that i'm envious (maybe a little because the dreaded Access was specifically included, my nemesis, it is EVIL you know) but i am dissappointed...in myself because it made me realize what a lazy shit i've been lately.

i used to have skills, they haven't been used in a really long time.
i changed jobs as part of that reason; however, i'm still not using any skills & i tell you what, they are GONE. my brain, instead of having all kinds of nooks & crannies full of information, techniques & critical thinking processes is as smooth as a stainless steel bowl (& just as empty). no nooks, no crannies, no information, ok maybe a bit of useless trivia i've picked up in the HOURS of surfing i do DAILY.

i spent a good portion of today brushing up on my excel skills. i program i used to know well, apparently no longer the case as i scored a whopping 54% on the test.

so internet, it's been fun, i've been bad, but i'm really going to try regain some of the abilities i've lost.

did you feel the swing of that pendulum from the previous post? geez, pms is such a bitch!

i have SO much to learn...about bacon

i wrote this yesterday:

you down with bacon? i'm SO down with bacon.

anyways, so lately, i've become quite the blog-whore & been reading up on all kinds of stuff. hard to find a good blog though. lots about fashion, which so doesn't work out here in the desert, really hard to find the right occasion in LA, in the desert you're just a fricken loon.
so i delve deeper into the web & look into their lists of blogs hoping to find something interesting & found angry chicken & she also has been digging into the wonderful web. in a posting she references finding some online old cookbooks at Feeding America & when i saw the first reference to a soup requiring calf head, she got my attn. when i saw "bacon bandage for a sore throat" i was sold! click! talk to me baby!

take the time to read the bottom of the page on how to promote growth of hair...i'm washing my hair way too often!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

proud mom

geez, i'm talkative today...but this is so post-worthy

yesterday afternoon when Z & I were driving home & he's telling me about his day & a few encounters with friends; then he's telling me something about Jayden & i ask "girl J or boy J?" (there's so many kids here with the same name, i'm pretty sure the local hospital has a list with like 50 names on it that you have to choose from after giving birth & deviations are NOT allowed, creativity is not permissible or encouraged.)

Z: no momma, both J's are boys, one is from kindergarten one is from 1st grade.
Me: oh, sorry, forgive me for getting confused with all the kids. alright, so was in kinder J or 1st J?
Z: 1st J who has the straight hair like mine, kinder J has the braids.

why does this make me proud? because kinder J "with the braids" is african american & i was curious as to how Z was going to differentiate between the 2 for me.
so although he learned "the middle finger" & about the word "sex" in kindergarten he hasn't learned any racial slurs yet - yeah!

word games with a 6yr old

Z & i are in the midst of going over his homework & i escape to the kitchen for something & he walks in & says "guess this word"

Me: ok, i need a hint (way, way too many options already)

Z: just guess the letter it starts with

Me: how about another hint?

Z: it doesn't have an 'a' or a 'x' in the word (what is he, a politician? way to give a hint that doesn't help)

so i recite the alphabet randomly & get nowhere

Z: the word was 'the' i win!

i'm in for so much trouble when he takes geometry....

more toe talk

whenever i wear opened toed shoes i put cuticle oil on my feet so even if i'm in need of a pedicure, the oil helps them look refreshed & not so dirty, dingy, dry, flip flop wearing ragged.

the past few days i've had to take Z to school (which to a certain degree i totally love as long as he isn't being a little shit & because he's been in jail, he's been oh so sweet lately) so we've been getting ready together in the bathroom.
although he's seen me use the cuticle oil before (where i put my foot up on the counter, dab the oil then rub it in) he usually just watches, but this week, i guess as part of his penance he decided to participate & threw his little foot up on the countertop too.
it was really cute the morning B was there with us & he put his sneakered foot up on the counter for some oil too! haha

gotta watch myself though, i may be raising a little metro-sexual.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

another day!

yeah, made it through day #2 without a (bad) phone call from school!

finally, i got so much other crap rattling around in my skull that needs to get OUT!
the other day B tells me his travels will likely begin early Nov. great. wasn't the original schedule early august? as in LAST month? pushed back all the way to holiday season?
i hate the military.
so you know what that means right? do you? it means they will once & for all get their shit together early & he will miss another halloween. we barely got last year, by a fluke. i just checked & i didn't make a post about it, bugger!

so yeah, last year B was here. Z was Frankenstein & i pulled a martha stewart & made his costume (without a pattern even, i just winged/wanged (geez, what would it be?) it). i did. i know! me! a little black suit type jacket & pants with a rope belt (that he hated because i dyed it in coffee....it started out white, but frankenstein can not have a white belt....it does smell weird though)

he wore a green truck shirt underneath & i made him green feet that were hilarious! he liked his little glow in the dark stuff better than trick-or-treating. that pissed B off, he was all about the candy. so we only went to a couple of blocks then returned home so Z could pass out candy, one of his favorite parts of the night.

i guess i can't get too worked up about it. i've already told Z if he acts up were canceling halloween & christmas is right around the corner & we can cancel that too.

all talked out

this is how yesterday went:
B & I took Z to school & dropped him off in front of his class, then went to talk to his K teacher, then we went to talk to principal stand in lady, then we left.

about 3pm principal stand in lady called to give me a run down of her findings.

chatted a bit with Z about how his day went.

minutes after arriving home, K teacher called to let me know she talked w/1st grade teacher. during her phone B called to see how Z's day went, so after i got off the phone with K teacher i called B back.

talked a little more with Z about how his day was.

my mom called to check on how Z's day was. she believes something traumatic happened shortly after Z turned 3 & it's the source of all his anger...i agree, usmc moved us to hell but what are we supposed to do about that?

i forgot the phone # for Z's 1st grade teacher at work, otherwise i would have called her too.

i'm all talked out for the week.

Monday, September 22, 2008

when doritos say....

fiery habanero...they aren't kidding!

school just called

i think we should have a party today.

the principal stand in just called & said Z & L were ok today, she spoke with both of them & sat in class a few different times to observe their interactions. she also said another boy hit Z but he didn't hit back, so she gave him tons of praise.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

grandmas weigh in

B's mom - we don't provide enough structure for Z; he needs to have a difinitive time for dinner & bedtime. his bedtime has always been 8:30 we recently moved it up to 8; so what she's really telling me is i need to be june cleaver & have dinner on the table at 6pm every night (because that will solve all our problems).

my mom - we don't let Z make enough decisions, he's not allowed to have a thought process, we're raising a child who can't think for himself. although i thought some of his anger stemmed from not being allowed to make more decisions so i tried to accommodate this, but now Z thinks he runs the household. he is allowed to make decisions that affect him, but at the same time i have to be aware that he tries to make decisions for me as well.

i realize they're both trying to help, but my mom was really combative about it, she doesn't get how different Z is from me. if i would have been like him & she had to raise me, i'd probably be in jail.

Friday, September 19, 2008

in denial

i can't really face realizing what Z attempted to do to another person, i feel like this is happening to someone else. i want to call the hospital & tell them, yeh, you may have fooled us for a few years, but this kid isn't mine, take him back.

yesterday he got a spanking & spent the afternoon in his room. everything (toys, books, etc) in his room was moved to his closet & he was told if he touched or played with anything other than his books it would go in the trash can. in minutes he was testing the water & specifically chose a book puzzle (although B clearly defined NO puzzles) that he absolutely loves, so he was forced to throw it in the garbage. he also went w/B for a short trip to work. no talking to anyone was the rule which he complied even when they stopped by my office.

this morning we met with the counselor, he thinks Z may have some sort of conduct disorder (although it's really too early to determine for sure). we came home & he worked on homework all morning. in the afternoon we made him sit at the table for hours doing nothing, just sitting there as punishment. we didn't want staying home from school to be a good thing.

i also spoke with his teacher to inform her i did not want him to get recess all next week, i also informed the front office & the principal, maybe between the 3 of them it will happen. i called his afternoon care & told them all next week instead of playtime he's to sit in timeout the entire time he's there.

so no ice cream, no hermit crab, no trip to 6 flags, no treats, no recess, no playtime, no toys & the house is on hi-alert for bad behavior.

we went & got paint tonight. i told B if i'm gonna be in this house 3 days with the 2 of them i have to paint something.

vm i left for my mom

hi, it's me, Z got suspended from school today, so we're bringing him to live with you. prepare yourself. bye.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH, just after 9am i get a call from Z's school requesting my presence in the principal's office. HE HIT ANOTHER KID.
so i'm driving there & thinking i never went to the principal's office when i was a student. not only that, i don't like going as an adult. wtf is up with this kid!

i get there & have to wait, so i sit & talk w/Z about what happened. it was L again. L was cutting in line & Z felt it was his responsiblity to fix it, so he punched L in the stomach.

we've been trying SO HARD to help him get things right. B's been paying more attn to him, we've been getting him to bed early, we've promised ice cream if he can be good on his class report for the week, B's even started making him better breakfasts instead of just cereal, he wants a hermit crab so we've told him if he can be good we'll get one, we were going to go to 6 flags this weekend, but none of that is worth it to him.

the principal made it very clear that what we were doing at home wasn't working. he also informed us not only did Z hit L in the stomach he also tried to POKE HIM IN THE EYE with a pencil!!! so Z was suspended for today & tomorrow. what's worse is he thought it was a good thing & in his opinion he wasn't wrong in hitting L (because he was trying to correct L's bad behavior).

we explained to the principal that Z had a past with L & they had problems all last year, not that it's an excuse by any means, but this isn't a brand new situation, it's just reached a new (horribly bad) level.
he suggested meeting the counselor & i informed him that i was there the 1st week of school to sign him up & he's already been meeting with him. we ARE aware he has issues, we HAVE been seeking help, we ARE reaching out but haven't been able to figure out what works.

reasons to like new job

1. old boss isn't here
2. more pay
3. old boss isn't here
4. more people, larger office
5. have a new boss that isn't like old boss
6. not chained to my desk
7. B is in the next building
8. occasionally, there are men in flight suits walking through the hallway...today it's the canadian group so they're speaking french...nice.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

almost forgotten story

on Sunday, when we went to town, a must-stop is at the mercado (the mexican grocery store). as we get 1/2 down the first isle Z hollers he has to potty (which means RUN, NOW!). so we run to the front of the store & go into the bathroom & he goes......for like 15 minutes...i...am....not...exaggerating....good thing we ran, he meant business!

so i get him his toilet paper & have him clean himself. beings we've been there so long & this is our last stop before the drive home i decide i should probably empty my bladder as well. when i reach for the toilet paper i use a different roll from the one that i grabbed for Z & notice a difference & laughed to myself.

see, i've previously experienced this 2 kinds of toilet paper thing & although their's may have been completely innocent of my history, it never the less reminded me of this experience:

when i was a kid & my dad lived with a very hispanic woman & i think she had 4 or 5 kids. she was the one who made a point of inviting me over & getting my dad at least somewhat involved in my life. anyways, the first time i went to visit & i needed to use the restroom one of the kids led me down the hall, walked me into the bathroom, then showed me the 2 different rolls of toilet paper. keep in mind the child is probably around 4 or 5 & i'm probably jr high/early hs age & the kid explains to me "this is for when you do pee & this is for when you do shit".

Z's teacher called

the past 2 nights B's helped w/dinner so we've eaten early, done a little homework & have Z in bed by 8; which is enough time to read a few pages before sleepy time.

so last night after the routine, B & I settle down to watch "Leatherheads" & we maybe get 10 min into it when the phone rings. it's Z's teacher. that's never good. we're only in week 5 & we're already getting a phone call.

yeah, so she's concerned about Z & his behavior. last week not only did he punch L in the nose evidently he also hit 2 other kids unbeknownst to us & today (yesterday really) he threw sand at someone.
ok, was she not present when i was talking to her & telling her he has issues? with anger? & frustration? & explaining why i signed him up for the counselor? did she think i was full of crap? i told them we needed help with him.

& did you put 2 & 2 together "threw sand at someone"....yeah, one would think that would happen on a playground, during recess, right? thought he wasn't getting recess for 5 days? although the office which doled out 5 days of no recess to little one they neglected to inform his teacher who is supposed to send him to the office during recess times.
Great, thanks for all that co-operation...


on a side note, a bit of funniness B shared with me: they were out somewhere & Z said he wanted to get some bird seed (for the bird feeder that my mom got me). B told him no we didn't want to do that & Z asked why. B told him because we didn't want the birds pooping all over the place & besides that Lady would eat the birds. Z said if Lady ate the birds then they wouldn't be pooping everywhere!
I was surprised he didn't say if that was the case then we wouldn't have to buy dog food anymore...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

this is how it goes now:

Me: so did you kick anyone's ass today?
Z: no
Me: great, that means you get a happy face for the day. remember if you can go ALL week without kicking someone's ass we'll take you out for ice cream just like Grandma did. you can pick a sundae or a banana split or ice cream with candy mixed in it, ANYTHING YOU WANT if you can make it all week without injurying another person.

it was so much easier when he was kissing all the girls...

Monday, September 15, 2008

go away

yesterday we went to town & at one of the stores Z comes over & he rubs on my belly & says "i want this to go away" - as if it was that easy!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

and his new name shall be:

Ass-Kicker, bestowed upon him by Auntie M....
so no more Shuppa Doo, Shuppa Duppa or Udja-Budja, from now on it's AK (can't CALL him Ass-Kicker, he is only 6!)

friday after school we got the full story:
it was Z & L. L was a classmate from kindergarten & let me tell you, the first day of 1st grade when i saw his name on the roster for Z's class, i knew it wasn't good, they fought all last year, who's bright idea was it to put them in the same class again? do you really think summer break was enough time for them to grow up & learn to overlook each other's differences? it wasn't.

apparently Z asked L to play with him & he said yes, but then L changed his mind & decided not to play with him, so Z punched him in the nose. wanna play now?
what Z doesn't realize is L is the youngest of 5 boys, if he wanted to, L could probably wipe the floor with Z, then eat his lunch...before Z woke up. L has defensive tactics that Z as an only child, won't even know exist for years to come.

the school didn't know about it, which is why we didn't find out until the next day. the following morning, L told his mom he was afraid to go to school because of Z & she called the school to report the incident.

as punishment Z didn't go to his friend's surprise birthday party at the bowling alley, he had to write an apology letter to L & i had him take a fruit rollup to give to him this morning as well. at school, Z has to sit out recess for 5 days.

Friday, September 12, 2008

feeling: disappointed, very much so

i called B about something funny & had the rug pulled out from underneath me.

he just got a call from school, apparently yesterday Z hit a classmate in the nose. Z wanted to play with him, but he didn't want to play with Z, so he Z punched him. they both went to the counselor, Z won't get recess for the next few days & this morning the student didn't want to come to school - because of my child.

yesterday afternoon a friend saw Z at after school care & he was on the "time-out" sofa & she saw a little girl crying, so Z probably hit her too.

i don't know what to do with this kid.
i don't know why he's so angry.
i don't know why he thinks it's ok to hit people.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


this is it, here we are again, another year gone by.

i can't believe it. Z's old enough now where i can kind of explain the significance of the day. we talked some about it last night. i told him he needed to wear his flag shirt to honor the people that died. i told him they took our planes, crashed them into buildings, how the people on the plane died, the people in the buildings died & firemen & other people trying to help them all died too.

he said he would fight them; then he asked if they had guns. i told him yes & they didn't care about life. that they don't like of because of who we are, we are Americans.

town is having a candlelight vigil tonight & if i feel up to it, i hope to go. i remember what 9/11 was like in the city, i wonder what it was like here, in a little town, in the middle of nowhere.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

all better

B & Z spent the day on the sofa getting better. after work i went to the store & by the time i got home Z was all better, back to 90 mph. he was talking a lot & wanting to play. i was exhausted & before i knew it i had fallen asleep on the sofa. awakened by a ringing phone which B answered then i asked him where Z was & he didn't know. good thing we live in a really small house, we'd constantly be losing each other!

anyways little one was playing in the backyard at 100 degrees, so we told him even though he felt better he was sick so he needed to stay inside. so he came in & complained of being hot - wonder why?

later when i told Z he needed to decide between getting in the bath or eating dinner & he didn't respond, so i said something to which his response was "I'M THINKING" - yeah, i knew he was all better. back to being the 6 year old we all know & love.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Z said he was speaking to Lady in "doglish" - i guess that's dog-english!


yesterday afternoon B got a call from after school care that Z had a fever of 102. B made a few phone calls & decided it was best for him to stay at work, so i went & picked the little guy up.

he was in the isolation room, asleep on a little sofa. i woke him up & we walked to the car, he said he didn't feel good & his belly hurt. he told me he was fine in the morning but started not feeling well & decided to lay down & that's what got everyone's attn; if he's not full throttle, something's wrong.

so i took him home, took his temp 101.6/101.7, helped him change into jammies, got a wet washcloth for his head, then he laid on the sofa & watched cartoons. he wouldn't fall asleep even when i read to him. B came home about an hour later & brought him his "greater-grade" (Gatorade). i think he drank 3 cups, then finally fell asleep.

he slept less than an hour but shortly after he woke up he was already feeling better & wanted to go outside & play. he drank more greator-grade & ate a little soup i made for him & was ready for bed. thoughout the night i checked on him, his fever didn't return the way it was, but it's there, lingering.

when he woke up this morning he said his head hurt, worse than yesterday. B's staying home with him. i reminded him, like i do every time the boy has a fever, no dairy products or he'll puke but B just doesn't believe me & prefers to act surprised when it happens. B gave him some medicine for the hurting head & i told him Z could have another does at 1pm because although he's seriously considering going into nursing, he never pays attn to what time he doles out the meds so he doesn't know when it's ok to give the next round.

they'll figure it out though & i'll go home for lunch to check on them.

Monday, September 8, 2008

one day

i WILL start my period...
& i WILL stop being such a grouch
& i WILL stop eating meals large enough to sustain a small village
but until that day comes, watch out for my wrath, i'm sorry, i don't want to be this way
see, my depo shot made everything better!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


i watched most of the movie at work that day but wasn't able to finish it. i had a few free minutes on friday afternoon so i popped the movie in. unfortunately the stupid dvd player was not co-operating with me & by the time i got the darn thing working, mother-in-law & B were by my side ready to watch the end of the movie.

i tried to explain the scenario to them, although i knew they were both not interested in the slightest. i also had to have the volume rather low because of all the cussing, however it made the british accent all the more difficult to interpret.

so what they saw was a gig, ian with his girlfriend, ian returning home to his wife that he no longer loved, then hanging himself. i'm sure they were very impressed; mother-in-law's thoughts: he sang out of tune...

i have to say to a certain degree i didn't like the movie, it hurt to see him cheat on his wife who had no idea he had fallen out of love with her. i watched the commentary, i've learned that i end up liking movies more after watching the extra stuff included. the guys that play the band, actually performed the music & sang on the movie, no lip-synching, i thought that was very neat.

during the credits, the killers version of shadowplay is on. i really liked that song from the first time i heard it, i didn't know it was a remake, which makes it all the more better, but now when i listen to it i hear joy division.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

too much stacy & clinton

it was left over night for dinner tonight. Z & I are in the kitchen & i'm pulling everything out, naming it off & asking him if he would like some. as we're doing this we're also playing the game of "the monster ate my arms" & he's putting his arms in his shirt & taking them out as they "grow" back. after being armless & he grows a new arm i come down to his height & i put my face down so my hair covers my face & i'm talking & looking at him with all the hair covering me (like cousin it). this bothers him so he starts pushing my hair off to the sides so he can see my face & he says "i want you to have hot smokey eyes".

because we were playing the game (& i had no other point of reference) i thought he was saying something to the effect of smoke in my eyes & burning but then he starts touching me like he's putting on make-up on my eyes. then it clicked, he was channeling carmindy

i'm thinking this might work to my benefit & i should pull out all my make-up & have the kid put my face on for me...

Friday, September 5, 2008

ice cream does what?

B's mom is in town & for an after dinner treat we went out for ice cream. At first little one was all about a banana split, then he wanted a sundae with a cherry on top, but when we got there he decided he wanted one of them ice cream & candy mix-up things.
the rest of us were boring, hot fudge sundaes with nuts, predictable, but yummy!

so Z gets his thing, Grandma gives him the cherry from her sundae, B gives him the cherry from his sundae, but i don't i wait. he eats some of his ice cream then asks for my cherry & i tell him he already has 2 (wondering what his response will be). so he eats the 2 cherries & reaches over to take mine so i explain he still needs to ask, so he does & i oblige & he's a happy boy.

he takes a few more bites of his ice cream then says his foot is growing, the ice cream makes his foot grow. he wasn't able to finish before we left, so we brought his cup home & he snuck bites in the car. then when we got home i told him his feet were huge & he needed to stop eating the ice cream otherwise his sandals weren't going to fit him anymore & he wouldn't have any shoes to wear to school on monday.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

gone to the dark side

after hours & hours of internet surfing, i've finally gone & done it...at work...no not porn. i'm watching a movie at work. co-worker will be so proud, new boss probably not so much.

the movie is "control" the story of Ian Curtis from Joy Division. It's something i want to give my complete attn to (ie, virtually impossible to watch at home with constant noise coming from Z). plus mother-in-law will be in town the next few nights & i don't need to add my obscure movie choices to her long list of how weird her daughter-in-law really is (she will never get over how i actually prefer to drive a stick shift). watching a movie about this weird guy who has an affair, suffers epileptic fits on stage & while i shush everyone around because the movie is more important than her visit...probably not a good idea.