Tuesday, September 23, 2008

another day!

yeah, made it through day #2 without a (bad) phone call from school!

finally, i got so much other crap rattling around in my skull that needs to get OUT!
the other day B tells me his travels will likely begin early Nov. great. wasn't the original schedule early august? as in LAST month? pushed back all the way to holiday season?
i hate the military.
so you know what that means right? do you? it means they will once & for all get their shit together early & he will miss another halloween. we barely got last year, by a fluke. i just checked & i didn't make a post about it, bugger!

so yeah, last year B was here. Z was Frankenstein & i pulled a martha stewart & made his costume (without a pattern even, i just winged/wanged (geez, what would it be?) it). i did. i know! me! a little black suit type jacket & pants with a rope belt (that he hated because i dyed it in coffee....it started out white, but frankenstein can not have a white belt....it does smell weird though)

he wore a green truck shirt underneath & i made him green feet that were hilarious! he liked his little glow in the dark stuff better than trick-or-treating. that pissed B off, he was all about the candy. so we only went to a couple of blocks then returned home so Z could pass out candy, one of his favorite parts of the night.

i guess i can't get too worked up about it. i've already told Z if he acts up were canceling halloween & christmas is right around the corner & we can cancel that too.

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