Tuesday, September 30, 2008

somebody pick me up off the floor please

after the excel tragedy i moved on to word & discovered a nifty trick (in case you're wondering it was the org chart thing, nothing huge, just didn't know it existed & had previously made sad attempts in visio) that i decided was worthy of sharing with old boss. granted we have our differences, but i have no problem sharing the knowledge & bidding him well with it, so i sent him a completely innocent e-mail.

guess what i got in response?

ok, i guess i'm kinda leading you on, but it's fun...he told me a co-worker had recently left, they weren't happy with her replacement & that he & the sector manager may want to talk to me if things continue in the same manner.

ok, you up off the floor yet or do you need a little more time?

it's an ANALYST position, something i've always wanted to be (probably until i get there & then decide it's crap too).

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