Thursday, September 25, 2008 myself

today i'm not talkative, today i'm mad.

B was talking about someone last night & was saying her MS skills were impressive (not his words, but you get the jest). anyways, not that i'm jealous, not that i'm envious (maybe a little because the dreaded Access was specifically included, my nemesis, it is EVIL you know) but i am myself because it made me realize what a lazy shit i've been lately.

i used to have skills, they haven't been used in a really long time.
i changed jobs as part of that reason; however, i'm still not using any skills & i tell you what, they are GONE. my brain, instead of having all kinds of nooks & crannies full of information, techniques & critical thinking processes is as smooth as a stainless steel bowl (& just as empty). no nooks, no crannies, no information, ok maybe a bit of useless trivia i've picked up in the HOURS of surfing i do DAILY.

i spent a good portion of today brushing up on my excel skills. i program i used to know well, apparently no longer the case as i scored a whopping 54% on the test.

so internet, it's been fun, i've been bad, but i'm really going to try regain some of the abilities i've lost.

did you feel the swing of that pendulum from the previous post? geez, pms is such a bitch!

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