Tuesday, September 30, 2008

so he hit a girl

can we move on? no, i didn't think so...

i guess school was ok, i don't know, we didn't even talk about it because whatever happened at school was overshadowed by the fact that Z hit a girl at his after school place. they put him in timeout & because he can't write sentences (words barely, a coherent sentence not a chance) they had him draw pictures.

my favorite guy there gave me an 'artist's therapy point of view.' can't tell you how much i like that guy! i guess it helps that he always tells me no matter what crazy shit Z manages to do, he just adores him & thinks he's the greatest kid. so he said Z's a healthy kid, as in mentally even!
Z drew a few pics, but the one he was most impressed with were 2 pics of Z & I where he was giving me flowers. in both pics, Z is near the left edge of the paper, guy said putting oneself near the edge of the paper identifies self-awareness. Z & I were in proportion to each other, he was smaller & we were decent stick figures (not sure i could do much better) so he's aware of scale & he does recognize my authority. the rest of the page was a flurry of color not a white spot left on the page, he said Z doesn't know prejudice & he is comfortable with himself.

part of the reason i'm so interested in the review was i think back about how i would draw pictures. i was always in the middle of the page & i would draw a tree or something near me...probably to deflect attn. i never (to this day) would think of coloring the rest of the page, especially with an array of colors, maybe a blue sky, but i'm just not that imaginative (& probably not that comfortable with myself!).

so i've called the counselor to have him evaluated. the guy suggested i bring the drawings in, he thinks Z is gifted.


  1. the smart ones sometimes have the hardest time. one of those blessings/curse things! :-)

    interesting about the picture though.

  2. yes, i found the analysis interesting too, wanted to document it as i knew it would be dumped from my memory cache after a day or 2.


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