Thursday, September 25, 2008

i have SO much to learn...about bacon

i wrote this yesterday:

you down with bacon? i'm SO down with bacon.

anyways, so lately, i've become quite the blog-whore & been reading up on all kinds of stuff. hard to find a good blog though. lots about fashion, which so doesn't work out here in the desert, really hard to find the right occasion in LA, in the desert you're just a fricken loon.
so i delve deeper into the web & look into their lists of blogs hoping to find something interesting & found angry chicken & she also has been digging into the wonderful web. in a posting she references finding some online old cookbooks at Feeding America & when i saw the first reference to a soup requiring calf head, she got my attn. when i saw "bacon bandage for a sore throat" i was sold! click! talk to me baby!

take the time to read the bottom of the page on how to promote growth of hair...i'm washing my hair way too often!

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