Monday, June 29, 2009

prayers for friends

B's best friend R, last weekend his mom was in a bad motorcycle accident.
she's finally doing better, but now R's brother came to visit from out of state, on their way home they were in a BAD car accident. the entire family of 4 suffered broken bones, internal injuries & one of the kids has been induced into coma.

it's so sad when bad things happen to good people.

warp speed

this is the week when all hell breaks loose...good times are coming...i can feel it!

carpet is being installed in SD house today, hopefully the neighbor was able to let them in.

ghetto house is getting all cleaned up. the master bath countertop was grouted yesterday & today the sink & faucet will go in. kitchen cabinet doors & drawers were painted yesterday & will go back up today or tomorrow. a bit of minor touch up needs to happen in Z's room & other than a few little things, we are just about done with all the stinkin improvements.


oh, i am working on the schedule for getting the carpet install here, too, but we aren't doing that, we just have to approve of the finished work.

today & tomorrow (while B goes to work & has a few last minute medical things taken care of) we set aside our stuff that we don't want the movers to pack. something i didn't get to do last time beings our move was completely f-ed up, although B did all the right things our schedule was lost.

so posting will be light & we don't even have internet service set up at the new house...if i'm desperate i'll make posts from the crackberry.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

past out on the bathroom floor

the timeframe: we need to go back to last week when we were still at the beach, the day i felt awful & thought i possibly was having a bad reaction to the antibiotics [macrobid].

at the ER they hooked up an iv to give me some fluids, more antibiotics, some sort of painkiller/tranquilizer & anti-nauseous meds. we were finally done & back to the cabin about midnight.

i was beyond exhausted & although i had just been given anti-nausea meds, they already seemed to be wearing off. B parked, i gathered my stuff & headed for the door. the 3 steps to get up to the door were more than i had to give & i started getting hot flashes, the ones that are in time with your heartbeat. i got inside, dropped everything in front of the bathroom then went in & sat in front of the toilet waiting for the inevitable to happen.

i sat with my knees to my chest but got uncomfortable so i stretched my legs out across the floor. the nausea & hot flashes started to subside so i leaned my back up against the tub & my head against the wall. before i knew it i was sleeping [on the bathroom floor of a trailer that rents out by the week - classy!], dreaming, the most glorious & refreshing sleep you could imagine. this sleep was so good i'll remember it for years to come.

i was dreaming [it felt like i had been sleeping for hours] when i was abruptly awakened by B yelling my name out. when i finally was lucid he asked me if i was ok? I said yes [duh!], i was just sleeping [on the bathroom floor of a trailer].

B's side of the story: when i went into the bathroom, he walked to the front of the trailer (like 15 feet) to close a couple of windows, when he returned i was out cold. he said i was snorting/snoring/gagging/choking/breathing erratically & thought i was indeed having a reaction to the new meds [k-flex]; he thought he was going to have to call 911 to come get me.

i crawled into bed fully clothed & slept all night long. in the morning we went over the scenario again, i was was so tired & weak, i must have past out & i was just snoring from exhaustion.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

that which will not be admitted to (aka the biohazard story)

the setting: ghetto house, B's really been making progress on the kitchen, the appliances were all moved to the back patio, kitchen cabinets were sanded & painted, new faux wood flooring was put in, only the stove was returned.
(ie, the ikea table & fridge were still outside)

the timeframe: after my last day of work (thurs the 11th), we packed up clothes & food (including some from the fridge) for the trip. then we went to SD house, the beach, the ER, back to the beach, back to the ER, back to the beach, back to SD house. we also had delays in SD & didn't get home until mon afternoon.

B headed out to run some errands & i decided to go pull some hamburger meat out of the freezer to finally have a real home cooked meal of stuffed bell peppers. i walked out to the back patio & noticed seepage from the fridge.
[i am dumb & did not make the correlation to consider why such a thing was there.]

i opened the freezer door [surprisingly didn't really notice the smell] but saw a lot of mold at the bottom, then immediately shut the door. i knew i needed to open the fridge side to verify the settings were all where they should be, so i did, they were, then my attn was attracted by the full grown maggots i disturbed when i opened the door. [sorry guys]

so i call B & tell him [yeah, i was being completely selfish & figured if he was going to be pissed, better he take it out on the people who needed the a$$-chewing (his errand included getting paperwork we needed to move that should have been completed before we left!)]. he was surprisingly calm about it.

we don't know when it died, but we know by the time we found it, it was beyond repair. ok, maybe it could be repaired, but there's no way anything could ever get it clean enough that i would ever FEED anyone food out of it.

but we've been busy & it's been HOT, so it wasn't until today that we finally got rid of it. we certainly didn't want to bring it through the house, so that meant we had to get it through the side gate over a fair amount of grass. [in case you're wondering, that isn't easy] in fact, once we got it on the grass, it was virtually impossible for us to move & B ended up putting a rope around it, tying it to the back of the truck & yanking it to the driveway. [hell, if we ain't ghetto who is?]

OMG, the smell was beyond atrocious, both B & I were gagging, we had even taped all around it but nothing could mellow the stench. as we drove to the dump, B was worried they wouldn't accept the fridge, that they may ask if it was cleaned out, etc.

i told him if they ask about the tape we can tell them it was in the garage & we had taped it for safety reasons. that if they didn't accept it, we'd have to go for a drive in the desert - heck all those drives we've been through we've always talked about perfect places to dump a dead body, why not a fridge full of rotting food? then we told Z he WAS NOT allowed to talk to the person who let us in; we knew if there was any delay our secret would be out.

as we drove up the lady at the entry point was outside of her hut, so B slowed down to give her time to go back in & hopefully not catch a whiff of our stench. she took a look at the back of the truck & asked "just household?" we said yes & she let us in!! [ok, we aren't very religious people but once we entered we said a bunch of "thank you God" & "God is good" statements because we were SO grateful! that woman has no idea what we would have given her to be allowed to dump that fridge.]

we drove over to the pile of regular trash & got rid of that, then headed over to the section where the appliances are. B attempted to go around back [to hid our secret] but there was a little hill preventing it, so we had to put it right in front. all the other fridges there were old, dirty & in poor condition, this fridge is a side-by-side & it's only about 8 years old , it stuck out in the crowd. we KNOW some poor soul is going to think it's a find that they can fix or have repaired [until they open it & possibly die].

as we drove off i told B we should have covered his license plates & that now we needed to go to confession. [he's not even catholic, but whomever opens that fridge is definitely going to curse us for a long, long time.] we showered as soon as we got home & washed all our clothes immediately because they reeked as well. i've tried cleaning the concrete, even putting concentrated cleaning directly on it but the stains remain.

B said something about how they could trace the fridge back to us from the serial #, i told him if anyone calls, we gave it away, this story never happened.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a what?

during one of my visits to the ER, B & Z went out to get some food & when they returned Z had a "fred-a-scope".

B said it must be Clyde's brother.

in my weakened state it took me a minute to figure out - kaleidoscope.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

crazy lately

wow, been so busy & sick & busy.
oh, i already said that, huh?
& here & there, & at the beach & back.

i attempted to make a post about my last day at work from my phone & after writing 5 paragraphs [which took a really LONG time] i accidently clicked the back button & lost it all & said forget it & was done with remote posting.


so i'm going back to thursday the 11th & will try to catch up over the next few days. of course, at this point i'm having a tough time just checking in with FB.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


yeah, x2.
i wasn't feeling well, got that weird feeling that a uti was coming on. drank some cranberry juice, which usually helps, but it didn't. bought some over the counter stuff, which usually works immediately, but didn't.

so sat am instead of enjoying friends & the beach, B took me to the ER. after a few hours they sent me home with some meds & all was better.

for a few days at least.

on tues my back started hurting, on weds am, i puked & was in bed all day long. i was nauseous, my back was killing me & my joints ached. my elbows hurt! what kinda crazy is that? i was in so much pain i couldn't sleep & knew if i couldn't sleep i couldn't get any better so finally at the end of the day i gave up & had B to take me back to the ER.

this time the wait was several hours, which didn't help my aching back in those ridiculous chairs & i could smell EVERYTHING making me even more nauseous. then the very knowledgable triage nurse has the odassity to ask me if i thought i was constipated? where do they get these people?

so when i finally get back there, it's confirmed the uti had turned into a kidney infection. so i got more drugs, but more importantly, she gave me something for my tummy.

update 6/23 - i went to my regular dr today, she looked at my lab results & said i actually had only a minor kidney infection. i hurt something awful & don't ever want to know what a bad one feels like!

Friday, June 19, 2009

the beach - June 09

of all our beach trips, this was the first time we had 6 cabins, so we had a big group, but we were also in the middle of a move & fixing up 2 houses, so we were the least prepared.

on fri we did some work on the SD house, then we headed over to the beach. we checked in & within a couple of hours everyone was there: M & C, the redheaded family of Z, R & girls, & 2 couple friends that B worked with. it was a fun group, but hard to organize meals the way we were used to doing. it didn't help that i wasn't feeling well & will get into that more in a different post.

B & R pretty much went on a running drunk celebrating B's retirement. i'm glad i drink like that anymore. after sun night, i don't think B will anymore either. haha, he was hurting bad on mon. all day long.

mon am is when everyone left. the weekend went fast beings i wasn't feeling well, i hardly got to visit with everyone. beings B was down for the count, Z & I went for a walk on the beach & had lunch outside. all in all we had a good few days & enjoyed our friends, it just went so quickly.

the weather was perfect, maybe next year we'll delay Z's birthday celebration again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

last day of work

ok, let's try this again. i wrote this post out on my phone only to accidentally press back & have it ALL disappear!

as soon as i arrived to work i realized i left my bagel on the counter somewhere in the kitchen, but someone had brought in a creme filled doughnut for me - YAH!

coworker (fellow twilight geek) gave me a poster (twilight, duh! that i have yet to open because you know i don't want to chance a single corner getting folded over in the move!) & the book the producer wrote [squeal!].

we had a group lunch [at sizzler, going all out people!], it was really nice. quite a few people showed up & even though B had a list of stuff to do, he managed to show up too. they also had a bouquet of flowers with a balloon & inside my card was a $115 lowes gift card!!!! wow, i was impressed!

after lunch i went back to work for a bit, then went around to say my last goodbyes & was out for my 2pm checkout. it was weird to leave base knowing i couldn't come back; even as a military wife, i don't have authorization to be at that section. it was harder than i expected to leave even though i'd only worked there for a year. i made a few good friends.

so i went & turned in my base access card, my computer card & my company id & in turn received my final paycheck including pto. then i went home & we packed up for the beach & headed down to SD house.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

broken tooth - pt II

[This is my 1st crackberry post, be patient with the newbee.]
So B took Z to the dentist, which turned out to be a really good thing because there was more damage to the back of the tooth than we were aware of.
Some of the enamel had chipped off as well, but luckily the dentist was able to fix it for the mostpart with a filling. He noted the crack & said it would be a weakspot he would have to endure. The filling will probably have to be replaced a few times until they decide totcap it.

broken tooth

i don't have it in me to be clever with this one....
Z broke his tooth today.
his front adult tooth.

he was playing on a tricycle, had lifted himself up on the handbars & somehow or another came down & wacked his mouth. only 1 front tooth has come in so far, possibly if they were both in, they could have taken the pressure, but 1 couldn't.

the bottom 1/4 broke off & i can see a crack about 1/2 way up the tooth.

knock knock

Z hates talking on the phone. i'm not sure if it's just cell phones or if it's all phones, but not a talker [phone-wise that is, in person WOW!].

although LV fam called & left an adorable vm message singing happy birthday to Z, it's taken awhile for us to give them a call back. [slackers, i know, we haven't been busy at all, nor sick & dying of swine flu. speaking of, i'm still hacking like i've been smoking since birth.]

so i finally remembered early enough to give them a call. Z had been prepped for days. he talked with cousin G a bit, then G accidently hung up on him when trying to answer another call [gotta love 6 year olds who think they know it all. i can say that, i birthed the master of know-it-all jr, heehee!.]

so i call back, but then Z says he's done, but lil M wants to talk to him. so they chat for a bit & i'm in the kitchen trying to help B move the refridgerator to the backyard. [yes, you read that right, fridge, backyard; stove's out there too. remember to get out of the ghetto you have to go straight through it?]

then i hear Z telling knock knock jokes. i didn't hear much of it, but it was so cute to listen to.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

one more trip to medical

before i headed out to the dr's office i foolishly attempted to use the office bathroom. i know i shouldn't even bother walking down the hall, it's more exercise than an actual attempt to empty my bladder; with that being said, no surprise that it was occupado. so i tell co-worker i'm out for my appt & hopefully get to pee at the dr's office. as i'm saying this i'm opening the door to our office & there's a guy walking past that heard every.single.word.i said.
[yes, i did turn a few shades of scarlet. i am one classy chick.]

although january test results came back normal, my primary dr wanted to do a 6 mo check up beings the nov one wasn't normal. better safe than sorry right, so back i went.

Dear Cervix, this is my 3rd visit in 8 months, you've had more than enough attention lately, can we be done with this?

to add to all the fun, handsome was there.
which was nice, you know, to start off with
[eye candy = good]
then he escorted me to the examination room
[entering shaky ground as the room is prepped for a female examination]
then he has to enter my info ON THE SAMPLE CUP
[awesome, can i crawl under a chair?]
on which he tells me he accidentally spells my name with a 'f' because his girlfriend has the same name only she spells it with an 'f'
[can i see your tattoo with my name on it only it's spelled wrong?]

Monday, June 8, 2009

camping at sd house

fri nite we decided to head back down to sd. there was a carpet dilemma that needed to be solved (in person) & tile to pick up. so despite the ton of work we have to do at this house, we need to get the ball rolling down there too.
i'm not good at juggling.

i figured out the reason progress is so slow for us is because both B & I have a hard time making a decision, yet we are quick to dismiss the other's choice. not a good mix. but we finally picked out a carpet & have it on order (it's not the chocolate syrup one [thank goodness i talked him out of that one-OMG could you imagine?]) & we got our tile.

one problem, B decided it wasn't fancy enough for the fireplace so we spent the entire day looking for more tile. so by the time we started destruction of existing tile, i was already tired. yah, way to start a project.

we didn't get far sat & it took most of sun to finish the demo so we won't be able to start laying the new stuff until next weekend.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

little meany

Z & I were brushing our teeth in front of the vanity with 2 sinks. i was just getting started when B headed over & starting using my sink to wash his face, so i was telling Z "Poppa's a bully huh?"

B was completely unaware so he claims that he stole the sink right out from me but i'm still telling Z "Poppa's a big ole meany!"

then B tells Z something about how i'm the meany & Z says "no, Momma's just a little meany"

i try to stifle my laugh so i don't choke [& die] on toothpaste foam & instead end up snorting [classy, i know].

Thursday, June 4, 2009

last day of 1st grade

Z's a lot like me & we like to know what's going on, as in surprises for the most part are not welcomed. so for the past few weeks i've been prepping him on the end of the school year, us moving & warning him basically about how all the normal chaos around house is going to increase to a level no one is going to be happy about, but that's just kinda normal when you move.

last week of school, fine.
last 3 days, good.
night before last day, tears.

he said he wanted his 2nd grade teacher to be just like Mrs. P.
i asked him if she thought he was mean & he said no & that made me really happy & proud. that maybe there's a chance he does understand the punishments he received were in response to his behavior, that it was her job to make sure everyone in the class was treated fairly. he also told me he was really going to miss her & that's when he started to cry. i told him he should tell her that & it would make her happy.

i reminded him that we were moving & that we didn't know any of the teachers at his new school that he has yet to evacuate. i also told him good teachers like Mrs. P, he will always remember & i told him about Mrs. Sellers my 1st grade teacher. she was a small woman with white old lady hair & she wore the cutest black suits. [yup, 31 years later & i still remember that. i also remember leaving my crayons in my desk the last day of school & going back to get them but they had already been put in the trash. i was pissed, they were special color crayons.]

anyhoo, back to the og post - B & I went in to class right before lunch to take a couple of pics of Mrs. P with Z. she told me Z had told her he was going to miss her, i'm glad he did. she gave us his report card & he finally got a few 3s (as in 'meets grade level', the highest rank) on there!!!

as B & I left the school we ran in to lady principal & i told her "YAH-we're going to 2nd grade!" & she said "i hear it's just like disneyland!"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the bikini dream

shortly after going outside to warm on monday, i realized that i was sick. like really, really sick so i went home. i drove home in 95 degree temp without turning on the a/c & the warmth felt good.
for the entire drive home.
sometimes that heat initially feels good, but normally after about 30 seconds your brain kicks in that it's starting to cook.
mine didn't. mmmmm, wwwwaaarrrrmmmm

i went home & slept 15 hours. i got up to use the bathroom a few times & at some point B brought me a gatorade that i drank in sips throughout the night.

i got up for about 2 hours the next morning, did a few things, then took a nap. in the afternoon B & I watched Hancock again, then nap #2. i was awake when Z came home & made sure he was fed & washed then it was time for me to go to bed. yeah, i know, after all that how could i sleep more? not sure, but i managed & here's the dream i had:

B & I are going somewhere, we get dressed in our bathing suits & are in a group of people. then for some reason i look at myself (mirror or reflection, i'm not sure) & see that i'm wearing a thong bathing suit. [i would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER wear a thong bathing suit, i don't even like thong underwear] but that's not even the worst part.

sit & swallow - that's for you. you need to sit down & if you have something in your mouth you better swallow it, otherwise you may damage your monitor.

so not only am i wearing a thong bathing suit, not only am i out in a public place in a thong bathing suit, my butt is COVERED in hair. now when i say covered in hair, i don't mean a little peach fuzz or even A LOT of peach fuzz, i'm talking RUG to the degree austin powers would envy. it wasn't very long, but it was very thick. & i was dying of embarrassment.

Monday, June 1, 2009

never comfortable

one of my many issues is that body temperature-wise, i am never comfortable. i'm either hot or cold, my comfort zone is probably a narrow range of like 2 degrees.

in the summer, yup, even in the desert, i almost always bring a sweater with me. not that i get cold outside, duh, it's almost 100 flipping degrees out there, what kind of nut do you think i am? it's that inside work/stores/restaurants it's about 70. so i wear my sleeveless tops & carry my grandma sweater.

today though, i couldn't take it, the sweater wasn't enough & i had to go outside to warm up. sitting out in the sun reminded me of being a kid & going outside to nana's backyard to warm myself.

but when i was a kid i wasn't wearing work clothes & today i happen to be wearing black pants. although i wasn't fully warmed up, i had to come inside because it felt like my pants had melted onto my legs.

i hope i didn't ruin them, i like these pants.
we haven't even reached REAL summer temps either...

june gloom & sm house stuff

sd was overcast, under a dark, thick cover of clouds, gloomy, with a constant mist. i didn't see the sun for 2 days. Z played in the yard at SD house, he was confused by the green stuff growing on the dirt (moss); he didn't like it.
it was excellent. i don't know if i would like living someplace like seattle [or forks, for that matter] but i know i like it in doses.


we picked out tile for the entryway/fireplace & ordered samples for carpet.
we decided the kitchen is too big of a project to take on at this time (flooring, cabinetry, countertop & appliances) even if we go cheap, it adds up big & we don't want to go REAL cheap.


i'm so tired i hurt. both Z & I came home with a cough. B's home, with a list so long i don't want to think about it. we have so much to do here, then move & do more there.