Thursday, June 11, 2009

last day of work

ok, let's try this again. i wrote this post out on my phone only to accidentally press back & have it ALL disappear!

as soon as i arrived to work i realized i left my bagel on the counter somewhere in the kitchen, but someone had brought in a creme filled doughnut for me - YAH!

coworker (fellow twilight geek) gave me a poster (twilight, duh! that i have yet to open because you know i don't want to chance a single corner getting folded over in the move!) & the book the producer wrote [squeal!].

we had a group lunch [at sizzler, going all out people!], it was really nice. quite a few people showed up & even though B had a list of stuff to do, he managed to show up too. they also had a bouquet of flowers with a balloon & inside my card was a $115 lowes gift card!!!! wow, i was impressed!

after lunch i went back to work for a bit, then went around to say my last goodbyes & was out for my 2pm checkout. it was weird to leave base knowing i couldn't come back; even as a military wife, i don't have authorization to be at that section. it was harder than i expected to leave even though i'd only worked there for a year. i made a few good friends.

so i went & turned in my base access card, my computer card & my company id & in turn received my final paycheck including pto. then i went home & we packed up for the beach & headed down to SD house.

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