Monday, June 29, 2009

warp speed

this is the week when all hell breaks loose...good times are coming...i can feel it!

carpet is being installed in SD house today, hopefully the neighbor was able to let them in.

ghetto house is getting all cleaned up. the master bath countertop was grouted yesterday & today the sink & faucet will go in. kitchen cabinet doors & drawers were painted yesterday & will go back up today or tomorrow. a bit of minor touch up needs to happen in Z's room & other than a few little things, we are just about done with all the stinkin improvements.


oh, i am working on the schedule for getting the carpet install here, too, but we aren't doing that, we just have to approve of the finished work.

today & tomorrow (while B goes to work & has a few last minute medical things taken care of) we set aside our stuff that we don't want the movers to pack. something i didn't get to do last time beings our move was completely f-ed up, although B did all the right things our schedule was lost.

so posting will be light & we don't even have internet service set up at the new house...if i'm desperate i'll make posts from the crackberry.


tell me your thoughts...