Friday, June 19, 2009

the beach - June 09

of all our beach trips, this was the first time we had 6 cabins, so we had a big group, but we were also in the middle of a move & fixing up 2 houses, so we were the least prepared.

on fri we did some work on the SD house, then we headed over to the beach. we checked in & within a couple of hours everyone was there: M & C, the redheaded family of Z, R & girls, & 2 couple friends that B worked with. it was a fun group, but hard to organize meals the way we were used to doing. it didn't help that i wasn't feeling well & will get into that more in a different post.

B & R pretty much went on a running drunk celebrating B's retirement. i'm glad i drink like that anymore. after sun night, i don't think B will anymore either. haha, he was hurting bad on mon. all day long.

mon am is when everyone left. the weekend went fast beings i wasn't feeling well, i hardly got to visit with everyone. beings B was down for the count, Z & I went for a walk on the beach & had lunch outside. all in all we had a good few days & enjoyed our friends, it just went so quickly.

the weather was perfect, maybe next year we'll delay Z's birthday celebration again.

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