Monday, June 1, 2009

never comfortable

one of my many issues is that body temperature-wise, i am never comfortable. i'm either hot or cold, my comfort zone is probably a narrow range of like 2 degrees.

in the summer, yup, even in the desert, i almost always bring a sweater with me. not that i get cold outside, duh, it's almost 100 flipping degrees out there, what kind of nut do you think i am? it's that inside work/stores/restaurants it's about 70. so i wear my sleeveless tops & carry my grandma sweater.

today though, i couldn't take it, the sweater wasn't enough & i had to go outside to warm up. sitting out in the sun reminded me of being a kid & going outside to nana's backyard to warm myself.

but when i was a kid i wasn't wearing work clothes & today i happen to be wearing black pants. although i wasn't fully warmed up, i had to come inside because it felt like my pants had melted onto my legs.

i hope i didn't ruin them, i like these pants.
we haven't even reached REAL summer temps either...

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