Monday, June 30, 2008

Z observations

i don't remember the day or the meal, but we were in the middle of eating & Z tells us he's dreaming. he's fully awake, eating, talking, yet he says he's dreaming...that he's a cheetah.

no lsd

we figured out why there's a constant stream of noise from Z. on the drive home, B told Z to do some toe excerises, count 1-2-3, stretch out that little toe. so he did that a few times, then B was tired of the counting so he told Z to count to himself. Z said he couldn't & there you have it - he has no internal dialogue, everything is spoken!

Friday, June 27, 2008

china town - pt 2

slept in, went for breakfast then headed back down to china town today.

yesterday we stayed on Grant so today we ventured out & zigzaged around throughout the area. Z was surprisingly good & i don't think he complained one bit. he did nag about wanting to go back to the bug store. yesterday we found a store that had bugs in resin on keychains, earrings, necklaces & bracelets. oh & paperweights too, although not quite as memorable as real bugs hanging from your ears...

for our san francisco treat, B & I went to an acupuncturist....i think that's what one is called who performs acupuncture...i'm too tired to look it up. so yeah, we did that. the dr checked out my neck & back as i stood in the waiting room.
starting from my neck he said the muscles were too tight, signs of strain, then as he went down he named each of my vertebrae that were out of alignment, he said my back was something on the order of an S or Z with the bones tilting in different directions back & forth - nice huh?

i was put in a room & a lady came in & massaged my back, arms, legs & feet. then the dr came in. he popped my lower back then worked up, but was unable to do anything about my neck, too tight. he massaged my back & shoulders some more & then the next thing i knew he asked "did you feel the poke?"
excuse me?
nope, no poke felt
now that i was aware i was being punctured, i could feel a little bit of pressure, but really not a poke, just around the base of the hairline at the back of my neck. then he put one at the very top of my head as well, turned on a heat lamp & told me to relax.

which i did until the pitter patter of little ShuppaDoo feet came prancing in & i was scared to death he was going to poke or pull the needles out of my head. thankfully he didn't, but he talked to me about the needles, asked me if they hurt, counted them, a few times. then he left, then he returned, then he left again. finally the dr returned, removed the needles, rubbed on my neck some & wasn't happy with where things were. not that i saw, but i heard & felt some sort of suction device applied to the back of my head, a few times. he said the tension back here was the cause of the migraine i had earlier in the week & that this would help.

shortly after i was done, B came out of his room. Z told me B had needles in his back, 6 i think it was, while i had 8 in my head. we both felt much better, although B said the lady who massaged him almost made him cry. we stopped at a tea place & walked around some more, actually we spent hours walking around & had dim sum for lunch. when we were on our way back to the car we kept on finding ways to delay the obvious, these were our last precious moments of the city & tomorrow we head home.

china town - pt 1

class finished about 12:30. i called B & they were just heading out for lunch, so i told him to wait, that i would be there in 15.

so we walked over to Baja Fresh for lunch & although Z was complaining of a headache, we headed out to the city. we went back to the palace of fine arts to walk the park & view the lake. Z enjoyed that but still complained of the hurting head after chasing the birds for awhile. oh, & the camera broke, not broke broke, but not completely functional broke.

i dropped it, er it fell, i pulled my jacket out of the backseat of the car & unwitting brought the camera & it fell to the ground. not a far fall, scratched it up a little, but really not much. however the zoom is not fully operational, so we are both really bummed, the camera is only about a year old. B messed with it a bit & found a couple of round about ways to get the zoom to work a little bit, but it's not 100%.

after the palace we headed over the bridge. we stopped at the view but Z was cold & not very impressed so we didn't stay long & headed back over the bridge to china town. it was easy to find, went in & out of tons of shops & had dinner down there too.

B made fun of me, said i park & drive like a local - as in not well. we got lost on our way out of SF, but it wasn't too bad. at least i didn't go the wrong way down any one way streets, just in a parking lot, so that's not too bad right?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

next vaca - Whole Foods

been to Henry's & Trader Joe's many a time. prefer Henry's but Trader Joe's is near ((as near can be) to home). down the street from our hotel is a Whole Foods. if you haven't been to one, it's an experience i recommend. B said he could spend an entire day there just looking at everything & if we had one nearby, we would definitely be broke.

they did have a tray of some green leafy thing, basil or spinach, completely wilted & i told B it reminded me of home's "fresh" vegetables at double the regular price.

we went to dinner last night at the fish market & it was a complete disappointment. so afterwards we headed to Whole Foods so B could get a 2nd dinner. the other night we found they have a complete area with prepared food but last night we found near the seafood counter they also have prepared seafood dishes & soups! dude, totally could have saved some $$ & had a better meal!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Broadvison BBQ

today for lunch 1/2 the cafeteria is closed. why because there's a BBQ off the back courtyard. i don't know what the bbq is for, maybe because it's hump-day & this is to get everyone through the week, but anyways it's a good one.
they've got tables out there w/all kinds of food, hamburgers & shish-kabobs, then trays of bbq'ed veggies. the bbq'ed pineapple was hard to turn down but i'm not sure my tummy can handle a hamburger at this point so i ate inside.

i had chicken & veggie stir fry - that was prepared in front of me, not frozen or prepared the night before stuff. the cook threw chicken, onions, asparagus, tomatos & yellow squash in a pan to cook for a few minutes, then the sauce, a few minutes later the noodles. when it was ready he plated it, topped with cheese & chives & cleaned the rim of the plate.

i sat just inside so i could watch the festivities going on outside (voyeur, i know). there was island-type music going & balloons & they even had birds - seriously they did! a few parrots & even a cockatoo. i saw a few people hold them; but i assume they were going to put on a show at some point during the bbq.

update - yup, after lunch the other person taking the training with me said they did have a bird show!

what do i have to do to work here?

better today

training ended about 3pm yesterday & B was here shortly thereafter to pick me up. he kept the car so they could go play while i worked. they went to an arcade/bumper boat thingie for a few hours. B was soaked, he said Z & some other boys ganged up on him! Z had a ball telling me about getting Poppa all wet & then playing arcade games & beating him. thankfully they had a really good day, but i was ready for a big 'ole nap.

& nap i did...for 3 hours. then we got up & went to a nearby park for a picnic w/some food B had picked up at Costco. after that we walked around a bit & took Z for some ice cream because he was SO good at letting me get some sleep.

about 10:30 or so i was ready for bed again. when the alarm went off this morning i thought i snoozed it, but evidently not as it never started again & i woke up about 50 minutes later! good thing i had all that extra snooze time built in! i think i'm all better now - yeah!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

fortune cookies

these are from the other day:

B's - "avoid unchallenging occupations - they will waste your great talents" he said it should have been mine & i agree

mine - "you will inherit a large sum of $$" highly unlikely as i don't think i know anyone who has a large sum of $$ or someone who would choose to leave it to me, so maybe this was B's fortune

figured it out

i didn't feel all that great on Sat's drive up here & on Sun's adventures i just figured i was tired.

yesterday on my drive home from training i was nauseous, then as i got to the top of the stairs i ran into B & Z heading to the pool. B was eating a chocolate chip cookie & it smelled gross.
how could a cc cookie smell gross?
well it wasn't until later that evening that i figured out i had a migraine. i can have migraines without the headache part, just nausea & super duper sniffing capabilities where even good things smell bad.

so i'm here at training, but not doing so well. thankfully i know portions of this already so i'm not lost. i fell asleep for 30 seconds & woke when the instructor asked me a question - oops!
i told him 1st thing this morning that i wasn't feeling well!

Monday, June 23, 2008

oh city how i miss thee...

let me count the ways.

freeway - yup, missed you, you're not the one i know, but you will do
palace of fine arts, exploratorium & pier 39 - places to go, see people, do things, not stuck with nowhere to go
starbucks, jamba juice, noah's bagels - right outside the hotel, good places to eat without even driving anywhere!

i'm at training now, well lunch break really, but loving it here.

the office is located on a pennisula, a group of 8 or 10 buildings where a lot of stuff is happening.

ever read about how microsoft has it's own little environment? yeah, here too. cafeteria lunch options included a few varieties of pizza, some mexican food, some indian food & sushi. then there's the salad/fruit bar & a sandwich bar, plus all kinds of breads, muffins & chips and 3 refrigeration units filled with all kinds of sodas, teas & fruit drinks.

i had chicken, tofu & vegetable vindaloo over basmati rice with lemongrass tea to drink...nice! i people watched as i sat at the table by myself. i miss working in a large environment.

san clam disco

that's an ode to james...

so we're here. didn't leave home until 12....30, so much for early, it's just not in the bloodline. made good time, about 7 hours...considering a stop for Z to potty, a stop for me to eat, then another stop for me because i was falling asleep & my eyes were crossing (which i hear isn't a good way to drive). Z didn't nap the entire drive but still managed to be a ball of energy once he got out of the car. i have to remind myself that he behaves in the way a perfectly healthy boy would& i have to be thankful for all the energy & non-stop talking (at school they say he doesn't talk much, evidently he saves it all for us).

we had dinner at a WAY authentic asian restuarant, forgive my uneducated self for not knowing what version of asian, but the menu was fricken scary i must say!
one chicken dish, showed the entire chicken (as in head still on) then there was a few frog dishes (not just legs, entire frog on a plate).
B had scallops & broccoli & in a mis-guided effort to please Z i ordered crab & vermicilli. i thought it was good but he didn't like & it took forever to get the crab out of the shell & they didn't give me pliers so i had to use my hands & teeth - attractive i know!
probably won't let any more stupid white people in their restaurant again...

Sun was great. we went down to the exploratorium. didn't realize it, but that in itself is an all day affair. unfortunately we parked in 4 hr zone, so we didn't get to see everything. B suggested we just move to another parking spot, he doesn't realize what a premium parking is in these parts. so we left there & went down to the 39th pier; wasn't what i expected, just shopping & food...oh & parking for $7/hr. we had to cut the day short as i was exhausted & wanted to rest up for training.

forgot to note - it was 57 degrees at 10am, 50 possible 60 degrees cooler than home!

Friday, June 20, 2008

going fast

this week flew by. i've got internet access so i can surf & work (somewhat). tuesday we got the new, scratch that, gently used sofa & chair for the living room. on Weds B had his dr appt (V time) & Z had his birthday portrait taken. last night we had a friend over for dinner. tonight we have a little get together thing to go to & then we have to get everything ready for my training in SF.

yup, leaving as early as we can, which knowing us, we'll be happy that's 10am. have to drop L-Bird off at the kennel & pick up the rental, finish up any packing (assuming we get started tonight!) & on the road.

B & Z are tagging along - YAH!! - so we're going to sneak in some fun time.
oh & it's going to be cold, lows in the '50s & highs in the '60s, we're gonna freeze our pa-tooties off after being used to over 100 lately.
yeah, the other night coming home from town about 9:30pm & it was 96 degrees, so much for cooling down.
remember that day i complained about 80? i'm sorry, i'm spoiled, please come back.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

eyes of a stranger

don't know who sings it, haven't heard it in a long time, but LOVE that song!

can i touch you to see if you're real?
is there nothing, but something right?

was played in the '80s movie valleygirl, which had the BEST music!

update - thanks for the cd maya! i had the cassette a long time ago, now i'm finally updated!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

computer luck = bad

finally got everything squared away & working at work but yesterday our home computer died. it's been giving us signals for probably 2 years that it wasn't happy. a few months ago B got extra memory for it & that seemed to help, but yesterday it went kaput.

B worked on it for a while to no avail. So then i had him call D at old job. luckily he had some free time & had B bring the machine over. we were all hoping for a 2 minute fix but that didn't happen. nor did a 2 hour fix happen.

memory = good
hd = good
motherboard = good
so what's wrong? no one knows

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Z's grades

late as usual i am, but been meaning to post for some time....

report for the boy:
lit scores-1st trimester 517/2nd 503/3rd 594

areas where he could use some improvement:
Language - blending vowel & consonant sounds, writes CVC words (whatever those are), prints alphabet correctly (inconsistent sizes & sometimes writes letters backwards)
Math - 1 to 1 correspondence to 30, writing #s to 30
Measurement & Geometry (in K?) - Naming days of the week (reviewed & he had no trouble)
Personal & Social Dev (here's where it gets bad): practices self control (he's a boy & he's the son of B, honestly you really need to take those factors into consideration), cooperates with others (he's mine, we don't do that well), listens without interrupting (still working w/B on that, for 6 he's doing awesome), follows rules (again, child of B, be realistic), stays on tasks (ha! not with the parents he has)

Notes on file:
Nov conference - Z is hesitant to participate in class activities. He always completes his class work & enjoys his school friends.
June - Z is a careful & thoughtful worker. He completes assignments & takes pride in his work. He enjoys the extra K activities.

Grade placement for Fall '08 - 1st grade - WHOOHOO!

about the stove

this post is on behalf of B's request...

this weekend, being fathers' day weekend & all, much bacon was consumed & B cooked breakfast 2x i believe. well, cooking on our stove is difficult at best. as i previously stated it's either WAY ON or barely lit, so cooking anything either takes 3 to 4x longer than it should or it's quicker & burnt.

get where i'm going?

yeah, B burnt the bacon.
although i've been burning bacon on that stove for the past 3 years, this was the catapult.

when i arrived home from work yesterday old stove was in the backyard & there was a gaping hole where it used to be. kinda nice having that extra space in that sardine can we use for a kitchen, however i need a stove because i have to eat often. luckily we have a spare stove. ok, not spare, but it's the one we brought up from SD house that B is supposed to fix so we can return down there & get the new one back up here. that's the plan at least.

but the sin of burnt bacon is making things happen. last night was time to bring the SD stove into our kitchen, not so new & somewhat broken is still loads better than the piece of crap we've been using. so i go to the garage because B can't just pick the thing up & carry it in by himself & i'm thinking to myself 'why doesn't he ask strong young guy across the street to help him?' i certainly don't want him to hurt himself, but really how much can i help?

when B shows up in the garage i tell him "you really should get a dolly, you move a lot of heavy stuff.....
& you make me help you".
he laughs & thanks me for being so concerned.

Monday, June 16, 2008

a seed

if the phone call hadn't happened & interrupted my train of thought, i was supposed to have made this post:

after Z bathed & brushed his teeth i asked him if he wanted lotion. he said yes, but he wants a massage (truly, truly, his father's son - a massage wasn't the offer, it was lotion). then he rubs his eye & says there's "a seed" in his eye.

i assume he either mis-heard me say "sleep in his eye" or he knows it's "sleep" but the word just isn't coming out of his mouth right (i still have those issues, so why shouldn't he?).

but then he says "it's a seed to grow another eyeball".

so he WAS using the correct word, stupid me.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

fathers' day

Z got up & snuggled a bit, then needed his "break-chess" & toons.
once B & I got up i made french toast for Z's 2nd break-chess. he says it's the best break-chess ever. we took it easy around the house.

ok that's a lie, i cleaned like a mad-woman. i hate sundays. hate them because i feel the pressure of monday from the minute i'm conscious, not even fully awake, i'm thinking of everything that i need to do before i'm able to get back into bed & relax. yeah, even though i had clean bathrooms, vacuumed & even dusted on friday, i still felt like the place was a disaster. after the week at the beach & being gone last weekend, the glossing wasn't enough.

B could tell i was on the verge of losing it, so he helped me relax & we decided to not invite anyone over after all. that relieved a lot of the pressure. i got my excessive cleaning done & all my hand laundry is washed. good, but now i have about 20 shirts & 3 or 4 pair of pants that need to be ironed!

so i'm content, all is well, got the boy washed, read & in bed by 8:30. finally have a minute to get on the computer & spread my girl cooties (ie, load beach pic's on the computer finally) when my dad calls....ick.

sorry, but yes, those are my real feelings. how weird is it that he calls me on fathers' day? (& that he can't remember when my birthday is? oh, but i do have to say he was REALLY close on Z's & i do appreciate that.) B picked up the phone, he spoke w/my father more than i did (if you think i'm short on words with you, you should hear me on the phone w/my father). then he asks to speak to Z. hello, it's 9pm on a sunday night & he's 6, no, he's sleeping.

my relationship with my father isn't the greatest, never has been. do i think i'm missing out on anything?
if my father was a different person, probably. our relationship is what it is.
i don't hate him, he's never done anything bad, he just was never there so there wasn't an opportunity for a relationship to exist.
now as an adult, i just think he's a strange man. after becoming a parent myself, i understand him even less.

weekend review

thank goodness for flex fridays, they are SO good.

friday morning got up, pulled weeds & washed my car. cleaned the house some & B fixed breakfast. relaxed some in the afternoon, Z had some buddies over so not too relaxing. oh watched pride & prejudice, good one. then washed B's truck that evening.

sat i had to train new hire. unfortunately what we both expected it to be a couple (ie 2) hours at most, but it ended up being 4. then B had to bring up the fact that she was probably being paid OT & making more than me, which was just salt in the wound.

B & Z went to go watch the new Hulk movie while i trained. when i finally made it home we went out to McDonald's because Z had asked to go, so i asked if that was going to be his father's day treat & he said yup.
so we went & ate, then Z played some & we ran a few errands & came home. Z played around some & i felt bad about missing so much in the morning i laid down with him & read...& fell asleep, then he fell asleep too. i woke up when babysitter arrived...oops.

B & I went out for French dinner. it was nice, good food & better atmosphere (you would never know you were here). town has a new thing "wine walks" so after dinner we walked around the shops. we aren't wine drinkers so we didn't partake in that, but we did find a sofa/chair/ottomon on consignment that we liked so much we ended up buying (talk about not being a cheap date).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

weird lady

weird lady at new job

-ok, yes, she's at one end of the building & i'm at the other, but she will call me to talk to me, really, it's not THAT far, it's a small building

-one time she called me & i was at the back desk so it took me a minute to hear the ring & get to my phone to answer it & she told me "this is YOUR phone, YOU need to answer it" - duh! but thanks for the heads up otherwise i would have just let the mf'r ring & wondered what that sound was

-she told me i need to organize the supplies in my office - go away, my office, my supplies

-there was a small cactus near my desk & co-worker (S) told me i could have it because guy before my had left it there. then she told me weird lady had taken her's, that she (weird lady) wanted her plant to have a friend! ok, let's review, weird lady took the plant from someone there, but left an abandoned plant to die...

-one more, the other day i walked down the hall to use the bathroom, but she walked in before i got there. not a big deal i turned around & was almost back to my office when she hollars at me "DID YOU NEED TO USE THE BATHROOM?"....yeah, thanks!

update UM

talked with mom last night:

Tuesday night Uncle M was released from SD hospital & sent via ambulance to a hospital in the valley. he made the trip safely.
the plan is for him to stay at the hospital a few days then go home.

access finally - pt 2

although i have internet access, my computer for accessing the internet was dead. (i have 2 computers at work, one for working, one piece of crap for internet.)

there's a running joke around the office about how i brought a black cloud & have broken everything around me....although that computer was broken before i got there. the guy who worked there before me had problems with it but didn't bother getting it fixed, so the 1st time we tried to turn it on, blue screen on death & that was it.

last week we called for computer help. they said they would be out Fri to pick up & return it on Tues. Fri boss let me out early & closed the office. Mon no one came by or called. Tues i called & asked what was up. they said they ran a diagnostic remotely & the computer needed a new hard drive that was on order. on Weds the guy showed up to take my computer & said he'd be back Thurs. true to his word he did, HOWEVER, the darn thing wouldn't take my stupid card!

although i had a card that worked, a computer that worked, my keyboard wouldn't take my card. close but yet so far! he returned shortly before the end of the day & i finally, finally, finally have internet access at my desk.

watch out internet, on Monday we're ON! did you miss me?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

baby bird

the other day Z found a baby bird in the backyard. it had fallen out of its' nest but was still alive. i stood watch over it to make sure Lady would leave it alone & told Z to go get B. Lady has found baby birds in the yard a few times, but now that we have grass this one had a chance (softer landing & hidden from her).

B got a step stool & a little hand shovel & we explained to Z that we couldn't touch it with our hands because then the momma bird wouldn't take care of it anymore. B placed the ugly featherless little thing back in the eves but it fell right back out so he had to do it again. this time he tried to push it over to the side & we all hoped momma bird would come back & take care of her baby.

afterwards Z told B how happy he was to save the birdie but B told him he was really the one that saved it because Z found it & told us about it. he was really proud of himself.

the next day after work we went to check on baby bird. unfortunately Z & i found it in the grass dead. we don't know if momma came back or if it just fell out on its' own again, but there was nothing we could do, it had been out in the sun & heat all day.

Monday, June 9, 2008

sd trip

made it to Mom's friday night. Sat we went to the hospital. i guess i had a better idea of what to expect, so to me Uncle M didn't look as bad as i thought but to B he looked worse.

yes, he looks very frail. the dr's said the cancer has basically consumed him, but he's very coherent & he wants to communicate (writing, can't speak), but more than anything he wants to go home.

Z was full of piss & vinegar so we only stayed a few hours at the hospital then had to get the kid out in the fresh air so he could run around.
Sun morning we went back to the hospital to visit Uncle M before we headed back home. His left cheek was still swollen; they said it's excess fluid building up. he shook my hand before i left & squeezed it tight.

i started to cry as i left the room because i think this will probably be the last time i see him alive. it's sad to see my Uncle in this state & i feel really bad for Aunt O, she's never been alone. i know my Uncle will fight every step of the way to stay with her as long as possible.

15/215 split

when we get to the 15/215 split in the road Z knows were close to Grammie's.
really we aren't, but he recognizes the spot & everytime we pass there he says we're close.

this is the same spot where we first saw the fires when we went to Uncle R's funeral back in October, so it's made an impression on me as well. i can't drive through it without remembering that time.

toe wavers

we're driving down to sd, B says he's hot (it's actually cool enough to not have the a/c on) so he opens the window. then he puts his right foot out the window.

Z sees that & says "i can do that too!", so he rolls down his window & puts his little foot out there too.

then B tells him wave at everyone on the freeway, so there waving toes at all the cars on the road with us.

Friday, June 6, 2008

weekend plan

we're heading down to sd after work today. Uncle M is still in the hospital. doing somewhat better as he is out of ICU but still under constant supervision.

i'm tired, B's super tired but this is something we need to do.

i know we don't have a lot of time.

i'm here

i'm at work & i have access here - cool!
however, don't have access to a lot of other things - msn looks weird, no pandora, no sirius (what do you mean it's not work related?)

if you're wondering how good it feels to have internet access again - it feels so good i feel dirty!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

access finally

once i finally got my access card & returned to the office...only to find out the bugger didn't work. once again investigations were needed, but it was determined they had asked someone to set up my account May 15, but it hadn't been done yet. so i call the help desk a few times to figure out how can i make someone do something if they've already been asked a few weeks ago but neglected to do it & of course all they can say is "there's nothing we can do" - thanks!

so boss re-submitted his request & she finally called & said she "forgot" to set up my account....for 3 weeks....but she would get right on it.
i got an e-mail this morning that she did her part, then i had to call the help desk back again. that took some effort too, but finally got it done & about 4pm this afternoon it was official.

however, i can't access e-mail/internet from my computer because it's broken & i have to use someone elses!

graduation ceremony

today was Z's last day of kindergarten (sob!)
they had a little ceremony, but his pre-school graduation was much better which i found rather wierd, but for memory's sake, here it is:

it was outside, the parents sat on a square pad of grass & the kids stood in a line around us forming a U outside the grass, the kids were grouped by class.

the principal said a few words, then they played some music & the kids did their little singing & hand movement thing. Z actually moved his hands some this time around. then they played another song & the kids moved a little. then they played a third song & now the kids were barely singing or moving.
then a FOURTH song (i kid you not) & everyone was silently sceaming in angst, including the kids.
when it finished & we all thought we were finally done, a FIFTH song started (WTH?) & instead of kids singing & doing hand motions & the parents, instead of taking pics & being involved in the moment, everyone was melting.

somewhere along the line the graduation ceremony turned into a church sermon where everyone was begging for mercy, please don't let them play another song!
& finally that was it - AMEN!
the kids were let loose to find there parents & that was the end of it.

yeah, nothing like last year's graduation ceremony....

this is a late add-on that i didn't want to forget:
if you think i forgot to mention, that's not it, no, there weren't any cute little graduation hats or even a little rolled up certificate for graduation - just the 5 painful songs.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ping pong ball

Tues 7am appt didn't work. i showed up, we tried, but the system said i wasn't a US citizen - am i?
well, does CA still count?
born, raised, been a citizen my entire life....evidently they're rather particular about it, so i was told to return to my h/r office to fix it.

so i went there (on my empty tank of gas). the person who does this stuff is off for the day, the person who is there can't help, the other person who may be able to help won't show up until 8:30 - just go to work.

i got in the car & headed back to the office. now my car, to open the trunk is a true feat; you have to press the button & send mental thoughts "open, open, open" just right, not too fast, not too slow, don't hold the button too long or too short in order to get the damn thing to open.
however, the cursed thing can also accidently be set, how i still don't know, but to make things worse, the 'open trunk' thingie doesn't register until you've driven about 1/2 a mile.

so i leave the office, drive down the road & the buzzer starts going off that the trunk is open. i decide to go get gas & i'll just close it then. i approach the gas station only to find it enclosed in fences as the pumps are being dug up.
that's the only gas station on base, so now i have to wait & the darn open trunk buzzer is going off & i'm sure my car is in the midst of a panic attack & curious if it will just shut off the engine so i'll close the trunk. i made it to work though....then walked off forgeting to close the trunk.....but remembered just as i approached the office door.

when i get there boss says i must have missed that box on the form. how, i'm not sure it only has about 8 questions & i reviewed it probably 3X to be sure everything was correct, but who am i to argue. so i use his computer to retrieve my e-mail to get the website, then try to log in, but alas after a week at the beach my brain has dumped all passwords. that's what a vacation is for right?

so he has to send an e-mail to someone requesting my password & he tells her what's up. she contacts him shortly thereafter & says she reviewed my application (again) & it's fine, i didn't miss anything, she re-submitted it & i should return to the office.

i go back to the office (stop & get gas finally), but still no luck. the system still says i'm not a citizen. so i call the review lady that said it was fine but she says it's good on her end & there's nothing she can do, then i talk to the lady in the office & i know, i saw the pop up saying my citizenship is missing, but she says there's nothing she can do either.
somewhere something is screwed up but nobody can or knows how to fix it. so the lady at the office says review lady needs to call for help. that wasn't an easy phone call as review lady isn't very nice & i'm pissing her off (not even on purpose, but i'm a thorn in her side).
office lady is leaving for lunch so she tells me to either go back to work or take lunch (yeah, it's LUNCH time now) because she'll be away & nothing's going to happen anyways.

back to work once again. again (why can't new boss just call me?) as soon as i walk in the door he tells me i need to take my birth certificate to another office. apparently although EVERYTHING was fine on my application, the system pulled in some info because i'm a military spouse & it's f-ing everything up! luckily i know where my birth cert is so it wasn't a problem. i took it in to the 2nd office, he checked the box, then sent me back to 1st office. it finally worked...i finally got it!

or so i thought....

Monday, June 2, 2008


for some 'net....

so not only were we at the beach all last week with no wifi, but at new job, i still do not have internet access - the horror, i know. sorry, but i am compulsive about checking my e-mail...for those of you who don't know that. so to sit at the computer for 9 hours a day with NO surfing, NO e-mail, no blog reading, no myspace checking, no shopping, is pure torture.

i believe my privlidges will be granted tomorrow though. YEH! internet & e-mail - whoohoo!

work was ok, edited a 900 pg doc today...2x because fricken adobe 8, no matter how cool it is, is still crap & lost all my edits! bugger!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

weekend & UM

Fri we got up, packed & headed home. we didn't want to leave, but it's nice to come home & still have the whole weekend to relax & re-coup. not to mention considering the shape we left the house in, i needed the entire weekend to clean it up & do 10 loads of laundry!

i'm not looking forward to Mon; because B has to go into work early & because i have to be at work by 7 - that means i have to get Z up & ready by about 6:40 (he's used to getting up about 7 or 7:10) so he can be bused off to school. our schedules have been so lax lately he's been going to bed at 10:30 some nights! last night i put him to bed close to 9 & he would not shut his eyes for anything. hopefully tonight will be better.

and then there's the big thing.....
Uncle M is in the hospital & the prognosis is not good. i didn't realize it, but it's been 6 months since he's had food; he's been living off a tube where liquids are fed to him & he gets air. the cancer in his throat is spreading, the dr's can't say how long, "days, weeks or months...or possibly a miracle".
i spoke with Aunt O this morning, 48 years they've been married, she was only 16. how hard this must be for her. she said she always thought with her medical conditions, he would be the one to care for her not the other way around.

i didn't make a post about this before because i was hoping if i kept it in, it had less of a chance of getting worse, like writing it down made it real. it's not like my uncle was a father to me; but he & my aunt, they are what formed my ideas of what a husband & wife should be. i would stay with them in the summers when my mom went away to work.

tomorrow they get the results from the CAT scan & really have a better understanding of where he stands. prayers for him. prayers for her.