Monday, June 9, 2008

sd trip

made it to Mom's friday night. Sat we went to the hospital. i guess i had a better idea of what to expect, so to me Uncle M didn't look as bad as i thought but to B he looked worse.

yes, he looks very frail. the dr's said the cancer has basically consumed him, but he's very coherent & he wants to communicate (writing, can't speak), but more than anything he wants to go home.

Z was full of piss & vinegar so we only stayed a few hours at the hospital then had to get the kid out in the fresh air so he could run around.
Sun morning we went back to the hospital to visit Uncle M before we headed back home. His left cheek was still swollen; they said it's excess fluid building up. he shook my hand before i left & squeezed it tight.

i started to cry as i left the room because i think this will probably be the last time i see him alive. it's sad to see my Uncle in this state & i feel really bad for Aunt O, she's never been alone. i know my Uncle will fight every step of the way to stay with her as long as possible.

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