Thursday, June 5, 2008

graduation ceremony

today was Z's last day of kindergarten (sob!)
they had a little ceremony, but his pre-school graduation was much better which i found rather wierd, but for memory's sake, here it is:

it was outside, the parents sat on a square pad of grass & the kids stood in a line around us forming a U outside the grass, the kids were grouped by class.

the principal said a few words, then they played some music & the kids did their little singing & hand movement thing. Z actually moved his hands some this time around. then they played another song & the kids moved a little. then they played a third song & now the kids were barely singing or moving.
then a FOURTH song (i kid you not) & everyone was silently sceaming in angst, including the kids.
when it finished & we all thought we were finally done, a FIFTH song started (WTH?) & instead of kids singing & doing hand motions & the parents, instead of taking pics & being involved in the moment, everyone was melting.

somewhere along the line the graduation ceremony turned into a church sermon where everyone was begging for mercy, please don't let them play another song!
& finally that was it - AMEN!
the kids were let loose to find there parents & that was the end of it.

yeah, nothing like last year's graduation ceremony....

this is a late add-on that i didn't want to forget:
if you think i forgot to mention, that's not it, no, there weren't any cute little graduation hats or even a little rolled up certificate for graduation - just the 5 painful songs.

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