Wednesday, June 25, 2008

better today

training ended about 3pm yesterday & B was here shortly thereafter to pick me up. he kept the car so they could go play while i worked. they went to an arcade/bumper boat thingie for a few hours. B was soaked, he said Z & some other boys ganged up on him! Z had a ball telling me about getting Poppa all wet & then playing arcade games & beating him. thankfully they had a really good day, but i was ready for a big 'ole nap.

& nap i did...for 3 hours. then we got up & went to a nearby park for a picnic w/some food B had picked up at Costco. after that we walked around a bit & took Z for some ice cream because he was SO good at letting me get some sleep.

about 10:30 or so i was ready for bed again. when the alarm went off this morning i thought i snoozed it, but evidently not as it never started again & i woke up about 50 minutes later! good thing i had all that extra snooze time built in! i think i'm all better now - yeah!

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