Friday, June 27, 2008

china town - pt 2

slept in, went for breakfast then headed back down to china town today.

yesterday we stayed on Grant so today we ventured out & zigzaged around throughout the area. Z was surprisingly good & i don't think he complained one bit. he did nag about wanting to go back to the bug store. yesterday we found a store that had bugs in resin on keychains, earrings, necklaces & bracelets. oh & paperweights too, although not quite as memorable as real bugs hanging from your ears...

for our san francisco treat, B & I went to an acupuncturist....i think that's what one is called who performs acupuncture...i'm too tired to look it up. so yeah, we did that. the dr checked out my neck & back as i stood in the waiting room.
starting from my neck he said the muscles were too tight, signs of strain, then as he went down he named each of my vertebrae that were out of alignment, he said my back was something on the order of an S or Z with the bones tilting in different directions back & forth - nice huh?

i was put in a room & a lady came in & massaged my back, arms, legs & feet. then the dr came in. he popped my lower back then worked up, but was unable to do anything about my neck, too tight. he massaged my back & shoulders some more & then the next thing i knew he asked "did you feel the poke?"
excuse me?
nope, no poke felt
now that i was aware i was being punctured, i could feel a little bit of pressure, but really not a poke, just around the base of the hairline at the back of my neck. then he put one at the very top of my head as well, turned on a heat lamp & told me to relax.

which i did until the pitter patter of little ShuppaDoo feet came prancing in & i was scared to death he was going to poke or pull the needles out of my head. thankfully he didn't, but he talked to me about the needles, asked me if they hurt, counted them, a few times. then he left, then he returned, then he left again. finally the dr returned, removed the needles, rubbed on my neck some & wasn't happy with where things were. not that i saw, but i heard & felt some sort of suction device applied to the back of my head, a few times. he said the tension back here was the cause of the migraine i had earlier in the week & that this would help.

shortly after i was done, B came out of his room. Z told me B had needles in his back, 6 i think it was, while i had 8 in my head. we both felt much better, although B said the lady who massaged him almost made him cry. we stopped at a tea place & walked around some more, actually we spent hours walking around & had dim sum for lunch. when we were on our way back to the car we kept on finding ways to delay the obvious, these were our last precious moments of the city & tomorrow we head home.

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