Friday, June 27, 2008

china town - pt 1

class finished about 12:30. i called B & they were just heading out for lunch, so i told him to wait, that i would be there in 15.

so we walked over to Baja Fresh for lunch & although Z was complaining of a headache, we headed out to the city. we went back to the palace of fine arts to walk the park & view the lake. Z enjoyed that but still complained of the hurting head after chasing the birds for awhile. oh, & the camera broke, not broke broke, but not completely functional broke.

i dropped it, er it fell, i pulled my jacket out of the backseat of the car & unwitting brought the camera & it fell to the ground. not a far fall, scratched it up a little, but really not much. however the zoom is not fully operational, so we are both really bummed, the camera is only about a year old. B messed with it a bit & found a couple of round about ways to get the zoom to work a little bit, but it's not 100%.

after the palace we headed over the bridge. we stopped at the view but Z was cold & not very impressed so we didn't stay long & headed back over the bridge to china town. it was easy to find, went in & out of tons of shops & had dinner down there too.

B made fun of me, said i park & drive like a local - as in not well. we got lost on our way out of SF, but it wasn't too bad. at least i didn't go the wrong way down any one way streets, just in a parking lot, so that's not too bad right?

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