Sunday, June 15, 2008

weekend review

thank goodness for flex fridays, they are SO good.

friday morning got up, pulled weeds & washed my car. cleaned the house some & B fixed breakfast. relaxed some in the afternoon, Z had some buddies over so not too relaxing. oh watched pride & prejudice, good one. then washed B's truck that evening.

sat i had to train new hire. unfortunately what we both expected it to be a couple (ie 2) hours at most, but it ended up being 4. then B had to bring up the fact that she was probably being paid OT & making more than me, which was just salt in the wound.

B & Z went to go watch the new Hulk movie while i trained. when i finally made it home we went out to McDonald's because Z had asked to go, so i asked if that was going to be his father's day treat & he said yup.
so we went & ate, then Z played some & we ran a few errands & came home. Z played around some & i felt bad about missing so much in the morning i laid down with him & read...& fell asleep, then he fell asleep too. i woke up when babysitter arrived...oops.

B & I went out for French dinner. it was nice, good food & better atmosphere (you would never know you were here). town has a new thing "wine walks" so after dinner we walked around the shops. we aren't wine drinkers so we didn't partake in that, but we did find a sofa/chair/ottomon on consignment that we liked so much we ended up buying (talk about not being a cheap date).

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