Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Broadvison BBQ

today for lunch 1/2 the cafeteria is closed. why because there's a BBQ off the back courtyard. i don't know what the bbq is for, maybe because it's hump-day & this is to get everyone through the week, but anyways it's a good one.
they've got tables out there w/all kinds of food, hamburgers & shish-kabobs, then trays of bbq'ed veggies. the bbq'ed pineapple was hard to turn down but i'm not sure my tummy can handle a hamburger at this point so i ate inside.

i had chicken & veggie stir fry - that was prepared in front of me, not frozen or prepared the night before stuff. the cook threw chicken, onions, asparagus, tomatos & yellow squash in a pan to cook for a few minutes, then the sauce, a few minutes later the noodles. when it was ready he plated it, topped with cheese & chives & cleaned the rim of the plate.

i sat just inside so i could watch the festivities going on outside (voyeur, i know). there was island-type music going & balloons & they even had birds - seriously they did! a few parrots & even a cockatoo. i saw a few people hold them; but i assume they were going to put on a show at some point during the bbq.

update - yup, after lunch the other person taking the training with me said they did have a bird show!

what do i have to do to work here?

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  1. all i can ever hope to be provided for lunch at my office is a 3 week old taco bell burrito and maybe a flat and 1/2 drunk diet dr. pepper. oh yeah and a full bottle of salad dressing from 2002.


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