Tuesday, June 10, 2008

baby bird

the other day Z found a baby bird in the backyard. it had fallen out of its' nest but was still alive. i stood watch over it to make sure Lady would leave it alone & told Z to go get B. Lady has found baby birds in the yard a few times, but now that we have grass this one had a chance (softer landing & hidden from her).

B got a step stool & a little hand shovel & we explained to Z that we couldn't touch it with our hands because then the momma bird wouldn't take care of it anymore. B placed the ugly featherless little thing back in the eves but it fell right back out so he had to do it again. this time he tried to push it over to the side & we all hoped momma bird would come back & take care of her baby.

afterwards Z told B how happy he was to save the birdie but B told him he was really the one that saved it because Z found it & told us about it. he was really proud of himself.

the next day after work we went to check on baby bird. unfortunately Z & i found it in the grass dead. we don't know if momma came back or if it just fell out on its' own again, but there was nothing we could do, it had been out in the sun & heat all day.

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