Thursday, June 5, 2008

access finally

once i finally got my access card & returned to the office...only to find out the bugger didn't work. once again investigations were needed, but it was determined they had asked someone to set up my account May 15, but it hadn't been done yet. so i call the help desk a few times to figure out how can i make someone do something if they've already been asked a few weeks ago but neglected to do it & of course all they can say is "there's nothing we can do" - thanks!

so boss re-submitted his request & she finally called & said she "forgot" to set up my account....for 3 weeks....but she would get right on it.
i got an e-mail this morning that she did her part, then i had to call the help desk back again. that took some effort too, but finally got it done & about 4pm this afternoon it was official.

however, i can't access e-mail/internet from my computer because it's broken & i have to use someone elses!


  1. all that work and then they give you faulty equipment? they just don't understand that i have 2 weeks of emails stored in my brain waiting. lol

  2. haha - 2 wks stored in your memory - you're a better woman than i am!

  3. ah you know that was a lie. i can't hold onto anything that long. but you know i'd make up some sh*t in a heartbeat! :-)


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