Monday, June 2, 2008


for some 'net....

so not only were we at the beach all last week with no wifi, but at new job, i still do not have internet access - the horror, i know. sorry, but i am compulsive about checking my e-mail...for those of you who don't know that. so to sit at the computer for 9 hours a day with NO surfing, NO e-mail, no blog reading, no myspace checking, no shopping, is pure torture.

i believe my privlidges will be granted tomorrow though. YEH! internet & e-mail - whoohoo!

work was ok, edited a 900 pg doc today...2x because fricken adobe 8, no matter how cool it is, is still crap & lost all my edits! bugger!


  1. 3 days later and STILL no access? :-(

  2. it was quite frustating situation...made a few posts about the details...reading material for you!


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