Friday, December 28, 2012

June 2012

The boy finished 4th grade with a bang. Um, a good one not a bad one, clarification totally necessary for this kid.

Mrs Y was awesome for Z, exactly what he needed - tough but loving, fair & from what we could tell, did not play favorites. Z would play his games, check his boundaries, but between Mrs Y, BFF (the VP) & B the little one didn't get away with much. lots of growing up was to be had for Z, he did well academically & socially.

although we didn't get the results until right before school started for the state testing, Z missed only 1 on the entire math section & was above average for his english/reading/writing/literature/whatever it was.  the intelligence is there, it's the behavior & self control that limit him.  i think Z even surprised himself at his achievement.

B finished another semester in nursing school, one year down!

nothing to report for me, same old routine.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

& there it was Christmas

you know what?  i'm finally, kinda sorta, almost, got this whole christmas thing down.

ok, i was still doing some last minute shopping on christmas eve, but still it wasn't as crazy last minute as years past.  ugh, does that mean i truly am getting old?  never mind, i don't want to talk about it.

although we initially planned to just give Z $100 & call it good this year (beings last year was the worst christmas ever bc he only got 12 presents - omg what a deprived child he is!!!), we couldn't help ourselves.  we picked up a few things here, a few things there, on & on until wait a minute, we're not giving him $100 too!!!

i got up early in the morning, made some coffee & called my mom over.  yes, we're talking again, um, we weren't talking for awhile [again], her game, not mine, not sure where the blog left off.  anyways, yes, talking & she nice even, which is a bonus.  she came over to watch Z open presents & hang out for a couple of hours, then she was off to work.  the visit was good, so i have no complaints.

Z made out like a bandit.  he played skylander giants, put together some lego bits, we played battleship, checked out his microscope & that was only like 1/2 the score.  i'm going to see muse in jan, so i'm a happy camper & B, well, i got him a jacket that i think he likes & a phone case that didn't fit, so that's still in the works...

but nobody cried.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

May 2012

I forget what April was for but there was a lot going on in May.

The boy turned 10yo. Yes, really he did.

We had a little party at the house, but nothing to big as we were on our way to Hawaii. Yeah, how many people get that for a 10th birthday?

We did the total tourist route from going to a Lilo & Stitch luau to the Polynesian cultural center.  I took a mini hula lesson & failed miserably (no bouncing in hula, it's all side to side & I got too much ghetto in me).  C showed us Chinatown that was walking distance from her apt & we ate at a shrimp truck up near the North shore. For Z's birthday we went on a submarine ride that was awesome. We saw turtles, rays & a shark!  C took us to a few sacred places, on a hike here & there, we're probably cursed for trespassing...

Upon our return at like 1am on Sunday we were all beyond exhausted & unfortunately had to hit the ground running the next day.  Our return flight was delayed, the shuttle to our car was late, the onramp to the freeway was closed...murphy's law at it's best.

I'd missed only 4 days from work, but that included timesheets so I returned to chaos.  Although I was distracted all day by the constant hoping Z was having a good day & I wouldn't get a phone call from my BFF.  He made it though & Momma was oh so happy!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Lost but Found

The other day I decided to make some ciabatta bread. I looked in my recipe box, wasn't there; checked computer bookmarks, not there either; then in a back corner of my cobweb filled brain I remembered.

I used to have it together. There was a time when things were put in there place. That place was my blog.

I looked & yes, the post, the crumb & recipe were easily located. More importantly, I ached for how much I miss writing, documenting the craziness of life, my blog world of friends (real & imaginary).

My last post was in March, that's a lot of catching up to, it's been a long, rough year. Time passes no matter what though. I've spent the past few days working on posting from my phone. I don't know that I can do back links & other cool stuff, but I'm going to make a real effort to do this. It was good for me, made me happy, helped me see & get over the not so easy parts of life.

Missing you,