Friday, December 28, 2012

June 2012

The boy finished 4th grade with a bang. Um, a good one not a bad one, clarification totally necessary for this kid.

Mrs Y was awesome for Z, exactly what he needed - tough but loving, fair & from what we could tell, did not play favorites. Z would play his games, check his boundaries, but between Mrs Y, BFF (the VP) & B the little one didn't get away with much. lots of growing up was to be had for Z, he did well academically & socially.

although we didn't get the results until right before school started for the state testing, Z missed only 1 on the entire math section & was above average for his english/reading/writing/literature/whatever it was.  the intelligence is there, it's the behavior & self control that limit him.  i think Z even surprised himself at his achievement.

B finished another semester in nursing school, one year down!

nothing to report for me, same old routine.

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