Friday, June 3, 2005

June 2005

in June 2005 we moved to RC. A SMALL military town in the middle of the desert & nowhere. it's was only 100 degrees, so it wasn't that hot, until the cooler went out in the middle of the move.

we put a bid on the house based on 3 pic's off the internet. to say we were desperate would be an understatement. a pic of the front of the house, the living room & the kitchen. the kitchen pic looked squished, as no kitchen could be that narrow, but i was wrong - it is THAT narrow & the ceiling is THAT low, so even at 5'4" i am an amazon woman in that kitchen.

what get's me most about this town is how much everyone just loves it, like it's absolutely undoubtable the best fricken place on earth, better than Disneyland even! ok, no, it's fricken hell on earth. i'm sure they've got something going thru the water system to make all these people dillusional. i had a myspace page & i decided i should (for my own sake as well as the safetly of my family), remove the city & zip code because i think they deport (at best) or do something to those who don't conform to the idea of how wonderful this place is.