Tuesday, June 29, 2010


geez, i've had some of the craziest dreams lately!

in one dream we were moving. i can't remember if it was to or from the desert, but heat was involved. we were in-between houses & packing our bags to go from one to the other. we weren't sure if we would stay the night or not, so we were gathering munchies & clothes & then there was my mom's dogs. for some reason i had 2 dogs & wasn't sure what to do with them; they puke in the car, but i didn't want to leave them alone overnight.


another night i had 3 separate dreams where i was in a trailer, in the desert, in the summer. in one of them the trailer (my home) was parked right along the side of a busy road, like the 395 & someone told me i should move it back at bit. they then proceeded to just pick it up & move it like 50ft from the road.

in another one i was with one of my grandma's, there to take care of her. in my dream i woke up in the middle of the night bc although we were in a ghetto trailer, it had a sliding glass door in the bedroom & i didn't feel safe that we had left it open & i was mad at myself for not closing it & leaving windows open instead. i knew people had been scoping out the place & it wasn't safe so i didn't know why i had done that. then to top it off, i let Z stay in a separate trailer by himself & i was freaking out about him being alone.

the last one (although technically i don't remember the order) the trailer was somewhat bigger & i had met up with blogging friends. [ok, the term 'friends' is used quite loosely bc nobody knows me] but ANYWAYS, yeah, i met up with my imaginary blogging friends. it was fun to re-tell some of the stories we'd posted & details we'd left out. then i remember suggesting bc we were out in the middle of nowhere that we get dressed up & go to vegas.


then were was the mexico dream. i was with a group of friends (none of which i actually know) & it was some holiday or something & we decided to go down to mexico. just after passing the border we heard lots of cheering & such so we stopped to see what was going on, etc & then i hear someone calling my name.

in mexico
sans accent
an abbreviation of my name, so it had to be someone pretty comfortable with me.

i look over & see Uncle B & nana partying it up! my friends & i joined them & we had a good time. my Uncle even picked up the bill [solid proof that it was a dream].


another one in the desert - i dreamt we moved from ghetto house, but not back home, we just moved a few blocks away.

i think i'm scarred from last year's move, it's just weird how the timing is exactly one year.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

frippin frappin virus

when i got on the laptop to write about Z's birthday i realized it had a virus. almost 3 weeks later, a multitude of various malware/virus/etc-type programs & scans later i think it's clean, but i still don't trust it.

you know i'd hate for my blog to get hijacked...or my FB account, all the important things in life.

anyways, i think i got it, although i'm working on the desktop, just to be sure...

now i have tons of posting to make up for.

updated 6/16 - birthday, bike riding, beach trip & funeral posts have been made

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the valley/funeral trip

way to cheer things up right? well, it needs to be documented...

on tues we headed down to the valley, with a predicted high of 107 we all dressed in our lightest clothing but that didn't help. at our first stop, my dad's bank, as we approached the door Z said "i don't want to live here". i told him "we're not moving here. we're just taking care of a few things for your grandpa". his response "well i don't want to live here" making sure i understood, so i told him "we don't either".

i had called the bank previously to let them know my dad had passed but they said nothing could be done until i could come in with a death certificate. so we did that part & the bank person told us bc i wasn't listed as a beneficiary on the acct i would have to wait 40 days for the acct to transfer to my name.

then she question a charge on the acct - on may 21st, the day after my dad died, a computer was purchased from dell. i told her it was impossible [duh!] for him to have made or authorized the purchase as he was on life support & incapacitated before may 6th. she needed a letter from the hospital stating the date of entry, incapacitation & passing.

next we went & picked up my dad's car, which was another pain. he actually left the car to my cousin whom he lived with, but she didn't want it bc it would interfere with her SSI. i told her i would take the car, sell it to recover funeral costs & give the rest to her. we found out at the bank the car is paid for, but it has a check engine light on so we have to fix that before we can sell it. i also have to wait 40 days to take ownership of the car.

at the post office i just wanted to close out the box & forward the mail but even that was a bit hairy. my dad was renting the box month to month & payment was due otherwise i think they wouldn't have cooperated with me. they gave me $1 for the key, which i gave to Z as his inheritance.

B was driving my dad's car & when we tried to leave the post office the stinking car wouldn't start! after a few panicked phone calls we found out only 1 key works in the ignition, but after the day we'd had & in the 115 heat we were all fried. oh & we also discovered the car's door locking mechanism is finicky.

it was a great fricken day.

we made it to the cemetery just in time to drop off my dad's remains although the office said most people just bring them in the morning. well, most people probably have more of an emotional attachment...i was more comfortable with them being in someone else's hands.

we also managed to fit in a short nana visit & a quick walmart trip to get her a few things. we had hoped to hit the pool at our hotel once we were done with everything but we were too tired & we knew the next day wasn't going to be a heck of a lot easier.

we got up with our feet running; we got ready quickly, had a fast breakfast & headed back over to walmart for some fresh flowers, then back to the cemetery. my mom was already there & so were a few other relatives i hadn't seen in a million years.

the service was lead by an extended family member whom my aunt arranged & they even brought along someone who played guitar & sang 2 songs. i have to say for something thrown together the way it was, it was a nice service. a few AA people went up & said how my dad helped them.

afterwards a group of us went out for brunch. we all sat at a large table, my dad's side of the family off to one side & my mom's family off to the other & i was in the middle. it was kind of weird bc although i was in the center, the link, i felt completely disconnected from all of it.

B, Z & I went over to visit nana for a few minutes before we left town. i could tell she wanted us to stay, but it was so hot & we were just so out of it, we couldn't. to compound matters we were bringing up my dad's car, so neither B nor I was going to get a break on the drive.

i led & watched B the whole time in my mirrors to make sure he was ok, that the car was fine. once we got home i thought i could rest, the mountain peak had passed, but i was wrong. the mail we'd retrieved from the post office contained a bank statement & i found there wasn't just 1 fraudulent charge, someone had completely emptied out my dad's bank acct.

& in 2 days mom is going in for knee surgery.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

beach trip

yeah for the beach!

we picked Z up a little early from school on friday & we were still late, but that's how we roll! M, C & baby S made it over & one of B's friend's from school took the other cabin. we unpacked, made a grocery run, grilled some salmon & relaxed...didn't even make it down to the water.

sat was Z's birthday party, we invited the class, but only got 1 rsvp. i was so thankful we got the 1 [from a family who knew the cabins & live right next to us & we didn't even know it until the legoland trip!] & 2 other neighbors showed up. it was nice & cozy not chaotic.

we had lunch then went out to the beach & enjoyed the afternoon. the kids got in the water [that was freezing!] & once everyone had enough of the sand & fresh air we went up to the cabins for cake & presents.

we did the ocean theme angel food cake bit again, but the store only had moldy strawberries, so raspberries, blackberries & blueberries were served [& yummy!]. no, i did not make the sho-tao [bc i'm a mean, mean mummy] mainly bc i think he forgot & hasn't asked for it again...shh, don't remind him.

the rest of the stay was quite & relaxing. monday am we took Z into school a bit late & returned to business as usual.

oh & i found out Z was going around telling M that i was fired from my last job...nice rumor kid! i wonder what else he says about me...

haha, i just read last year's post, i didn't even go into details about B & R's running vodka drunk, silly me being all nice...here's the story:

last year B bought a giant bottle of vodka, it even came with a jar of olives [they were GOOD too], but the boys wanted to get a serious drink on, so they decided they were going to drink the ENTIRE bottle in one night....& nobody else wanted to join them!

they both ended up slobbering drunk & the next morning is still quite vivid...they were both sicker than DOGS! i haven't puked like that since i was in my early 20's [well you know, besides the pregnant thing but that was different], i digress...

it was a monday & we had to clean the cabins & check out in between the 2 of them retching their lungs & other important organs out of their noses! luckily we only had to drive to SD but R had a 3 hour drive ahead of him. he said he stopped at every gas station to puke & a few times along the road!

so yes, the boys celebrated...like they had just turned 21! a year later B may, MAY have had 1 or possibly 2 drinks containing vodka & i'm sure R has completely abstained!

& we still talk about drunk B holding baby S while M held him steady by the neck of his shirt!!! fyi, don't give that man a baby when he's swaying ok?