Sunday, June 6, 2010

beach trip

yeah for the beach!

we picked Z up a little early from school on friday & we were still late, but that's how we roll! M, C & baby S made it over & one of B's friend's from school took the other cabin. we unpacked, made a grocery run, grilled some salmon & relaxed...didn't even make it down to the water.

sat was Z's birthday party, we invited the class, but only got 1 rsvp. i was so thankful we got the 1 [from a family who knew the cabins & live right next to us & we didn't even know it until the legoland trip!] & 2 other neighbors showed up. it was nice & cozy not chaotic.

we had lunch then went out to the beach & enjoyed the afternoon. the kids got in the water [that was freezing!] & once everyone had enough of the sand & fresh air we went up to the cabins for cake & presents.

we did the ocean theme angel food cake bit again, but the store only had moldy strawberries, so raspberries, blackberries & blueberries were served [& yummy!]. no, i did not make the sho-tao [bc i'm a mean, mean mummy] mainly bc i think he forgot & hasn't asked for it again...shh, don't remind him.

the rest of the stay was quite & relaxing. monday am we took Z into school a bit late & returned to business as usual.

oh & i found out Z was going around telling M that i was fired from my last job...nice rumor kid! i wonder what else he says about me...

haha, i just read last year's post, i didn't even go into details about B & R's running vodka drunk, silly me being all's the story:

last year B bought a giant bottle of vodka, it even came with a jar of olives [they were GOOD too], but the boys wanted to get a serious drink on, so they decided they were going to drink the ENTIRE bottle in one night....& nobody else wanted to join them!

they both ended up slobbering drunk & the next morning is still quite vivid...they were both sicker than DOGS! i haven't puked like that since i was in my early 20's [well you know, besides the pregnant thing but that was different], i digress...

it was a monday & we had to clean the cabins & check out in between the 2 of them retching their lungs & other important organs out of their noses! luckily we only had to drive to SD but R had a 3 hour drive ahead of him. he said he stopped at every gas station to puke & a few times along the road!

so yes, the boys they had just turned 21! a year later B may, MAY have had 1 or possibly 2 drinks containing vodka & i'm sure R has completely abstained!

& we still talk about drunk B holding baby S while M held him steady by the neck of his shirt!!! fyi, don't give that man a baby when he's swaying ok?


  1. b ran full into his age after that bottle of vodka! lol

    re: drunk baby holding
    he was so loving and gushing over her i couldn't deny him. but i was full on ready to grab the baby if he was heading in the direction of the floor.

  2. he was quite funny! that's why I had to write about it, a year later...

  3. a year later. ha ha so true. he was tore up that weekend! both nights too. i'm not sure how he survived. lol

  4. yup, both he & R talk about it - the good ole days of wretching vodka at the beach!


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