Monday, May 31, 2010

bike riding

we all slept in the next day, wouldn't have guess a small amusement park would take that much out of you, but i guess we're lightweights...

Z got his helmet & padding & we headed out to somewhere flat & grassy. we couldn't believe how well he did!!!! i guess beings he's older he had no problems, B held on to the seat while Z took off. he was able to get his balance after just a few tries, then started turning & stopping & did great!

once he got his confidence up & was doing pretty well we headed over to asphalt & he didn't have any problems there either; even when he fell he didn't hurt himself.

my mom came over again on mon & we went back for another run. we didn't even bother with the grass, straight for the problems!


  1. yeah, but someone stole Z's helmet out of B's truck the other day so we haven't gone out in a week or 2; need to get him a new one asap.

  2. omg people are awful. poor z. he didn't even have it that long. i think i have an old helmet in my garage. i'm not sure 1/2 of caine's head would fit in it. i will try to find it and bring it saturday. no guarantees garage is a pit!

  3. haha, ok here's the plan - you have to find the helmet & get a pic of Caine trying it on. I must see it!


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