Tuesday, May 11, 2010

friends & family

on friday M & S showed up, a nice surprise & definitely a good distraction to the current situation. we stayed up 1/2 the night watching jake ryan swoon, i mean 16 candles. we discovered Lady is camera shy, at least when S is holding the camera. thanks for coming to visit girls!!!


we hadn't made any plans for mother's day, before my dad situation i had been on the fence about what to do with my mom. we'd even thought about going away for the weekend to have a good excuse to escape the awkwardness, but instead nothing was planned or figured out, everything was just in limbo, waiting.

we ended up taking my mom out for lunch & spending a little bit of time at her place. B's still ultra sensitive in her presence while i'm kinda numb & in a fog about everything, but we all played nice & nobody ended up crying.


on tuesday i went to children's hospital to see cousin C & baby C. great news for baby C, he's doing so well the dr said they don't need to come back for 3 month - YAH!!! the procedure also went so smoothly that he was released from the hospital after just a few hours.

it was good to talk with cousin C; funny how similar our relationships are with our parents. we talked about the uncomfortable situations with our moms & our absent fathers.

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