Saturday, May 15, 2010

B's cat story - pt I

things are getting a little too serious around here, the other day I told cousin C about B's cat story & remembered this is what this blog is all about, so here is:

B's taking anatomy & microbiology. yeah....with labs, you know...
he started the semester with spanish dos too...which was promptly dropped. his teacher was a handful & a mess, so i didn't blame him one bit.
then as he got into the semester, it was evident that was a good call as the science classes took everything he had...& trust me, the man was not used to having such demands put on him; he's a marine, but STILL!

so his anatomy class isn't just a plain ole regular one, it's pre-med & although it's a 100 level class, they have "steve" [yup, a cadaver]. i partially wanted to go to class with him that day just so his teacher would say "are you in my class?" & i could say "i am today" just like spicoli. [it's the little things that make me happy]

anywho, the story, about the cat...
they dissected a cat in class & bc of steve the school lab had to be locked up over spring break, so the teacher said they could take their cats home. thankfully B gave me a warning before just bringing the skinlessreekingofformaldehydedeadcatinabag home & he prepared an area in the garage for it.

away from the door.
away from the washing machine & dryer.
i don't want nothing to do with it.
i want it as far away as it can be from anywhere that i need to be.

i'll tell you now, the cat was here longer than a week. i'm not sure how many weeks it was here, i just know i stayed away from that side of the garage. until i forgot about it & i needed something out of the toolbox & i walked past the singer. more importantly, i walked past the cat in a bag on the sewing machine.

my classy questioning to husband - "wtf is your cat doing on nana's sewing machine? why did you put it there? didn't you clean off space on the counter on the other side of the room for it?" [no, i don't think any breaths were taken in between any of the questions]

B's response - it's on a cookie sheet

yes, yes it was on a cookie sheet, a very nice cookie sheet. so nice that if it didn't hold a skinlessreekingofformaldehydedeadcatinabag i might be scheming on how i could manage to keep that cookie sheet.

but it did.
& it was on nana's sewing machine.

so he moved it to the space he prepared, that was only 4 feet away, GAH!

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