Wednesday, May 19, 2010

high & tight round II

apparently this is going to be an annual thing...remember last year's hair pluckage & subsequent sad attempt at a fix-it cut?

Z's must have thought that was good times, bc yesterday he came home with f-ed up hair again. not as bad, not plucked, it was actually cut this time, badly, but cut, short of course, & looked like he gave a junky going through bad withdrawals $5 for the cut.

what's worse...i didn't even notice...i'm a bit distracted these days. in my [fairly wavering] defense when i picked him up he'd been on the playground so he was all hot & sweaty & been pushing his hair up & off to the side so it wasn't laying down on his forehead the way it normally does.

B noticed when we got home & questioned Z about it. we assumed he'd done it at school; no, he did it in the morning before school [i didn't catch it] & he'd done it yesterday morning too [wtf, i didn't notice that either!!].

so the boy got his damn hair cut, short again, right in time for birthday pics.

as for me, the lights are on but nobody's home these days, i'm going through the motions but i'm not really present.

note to self: 1st week of may go get the boy a summer cut before he cuts it himself.

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