Wednesday, May 13, 2009

high & tight

(if you're not in the know with military speak, that's a marine's haircut - basically shaved sides & lil long on the top).

the boy is high & tight & Momma is not happy.

the boy is though.

that was the best haircut lady could do. i wasn't there, i'm guessing she left the top kinda long to avoid sunburnt scalp or beings B's military maybe she thought it'd be cute.

i do not think it's cute.

missing chunks are still kind of obvious too, not that i'm complaining, i know what girlfriend had to work with...

i will like it better in 2 weeks,
maybe 3 weeks.


  1. caine probably asks me every other day what a "fade" is in hair cut speak. and i always use the same definition that he doesn't quite's a high and tight but just not so high and tight. lol

    i'm sure the baby marine haircut is cute! :-)

  2. i wanna see a picture! okay, i know you said the same thing about my red hair but i GUARANTEE you that your baby's hair is cuter than mine. :) take a break from the house for a little bit - you deserve it!!

  3. SIL - a friend of mine posted one this weekend on FB.


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