Tuesday, May 26, 2009


have you seen that show obsessed?
i don't watch a lot of tv, not even sure i knew the show existed, but last night the tv was on whatever channel B had left it on watching intervention & after that was obsessed. i was about to go to bed, but had to watch.
it was about scott the germ-a-phobe.

in the intro he talked about how he slept on the sofa because he didn't want sleep on his bed & have to make it every morning because he couldn't leave the bed unmade - whatever, the only time our bed is made is sunday when i change sheets, or we're expecting company, & it depends on who that company is...

then he told us he didn't have any trash cans in the house because he took every single piece of trash to the can outside - ok, that's kinda extreme.

then he talked about hand washing, counting hand sanitizer, about 30 times a day - AMATEUR!!!!!!!!!!

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